Tea Party for Barbara Boxer at Her Book Signing

August 15, 2009

San Jose, CA Borders Book Store

(Go to the bottom of the article for pictures.)

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I attended a Tea Party for Barbara Boxer and she didn’t come out and see me, or anyone else in our party for that matter.  I really do not feel that bad as I understand she is under a lot of pressure and cannot find the time to even have a town hall meeting to listen to her constituents; she was also too busy signing her books.

I met a lot of patriots at the party that I knew.  I also met a lot more patriots that I now know.  I ran into fellow members of the Golden State Second Amendment Council and met some fellow NRA members to whom I had not previously been introduced.  I let them know about the GS2AC.

I searched and searched and searched again and could not find any of those people who were hired by “Big Pharma”.  I was part of a whole department that was laid off due to fears of increased government involvement in their business operations via the carbon tax and mandatory health care and I could have used money of Big Pharma was handing some out.

By the way, I had a great private health care package and only paid less than $5 per month, I believe.  They also paid for an exploratory CT scan on a lung that was shorter than my other one just on a doctor’s request.

I had no complaints on that short lung and played trumpet just fine with it, however, that CT scan saved my life.  I would have not received that scan under Obamacare nor the several follow up scans required in time because I would have been dead in another week.  I had a different artery burst while I was on the operating table getting my abdominal aorta repaired with an experimental stent (#128 in the study).  I would not have been allowed to get the experimental stent either under Obamacare.  Read about it here.

Anywhere back to the party.  It started with about a block of citizens urging Ma’m Boxer to drop the single payer health plan known as socialized and government controlled health care.  By the time it was over several hours later, there were about5 blocks worth on both sides of the street!

I brought my camera and took a lot of pictures to share with you.  If you would like high resolution copies of any of the pics email me at fhoot@aol.com and let me know what picture number and I will email it to you.  Feel free to use any of the pictures for personal use.  For commercial usage, send me an email.

I also took some pictures of what Lenin called useful idiots.  Those are the Marxist sympathizers (whether or not they know it) that the ruling class in Communist, Marxist and Socialist countries use to further their cause.  There were just a few of those interspersed among us.

Interestingly there were half a dozen or so SEIU union members among them wearing blue Obama healthcare shirts instead of their familiar purple shirts.  Only one of those was being very obnoxious and trying to start fights.  Being proud God-fearing people all of us patriots grabbed hold of our Bibles, guns and wallets and ignored the crude liberal useful idiot, er union member.  I was sure they were SEIU members because I asked a few of them and they proudly admitted their affliction, sorry, affiliation.

Speaking of real useful idiots, I took a picture of one with a “single payer” T-shirt!  This one showed their true colors.

Sometime shortly before Senator “Ma’m” Boxer snuck into the back of the building a panel truck belonging to the Ethical Culture Society of Silicon Valley pulled in.  This is very interesting since they claim they “helped found and develop the Legal Aid Society, the NAACP, the ACLU, and many other organizations.”  They also claim they are a “humanistic” religion.  This progressive group sounds like a lot of communists to me.  It figures as they are supporting a Marxist Senator.  By the way, I do have a picture of the truck (pulling into the parking lot) in the Useful Idiots pictures.

Enjoy the pictures!

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