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The Paul Revere Society Walter E. Williams
David Gold The Michael Regan Information Interchange
Free Republic Town Hall
Right Spin Lucianne
The American Thinker Frontiers Of Freedom
The Belmont Club Human Events Online
A Liberal Dose World Net Daily
Mullings Cato Institute
Radical Conservative ProtestWarrior
Move America Forward The Sierra Times
Real Clear Politics The Shinbone
Blonde Sagacity
The Hillary Watch

The Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley

Right On The Right Red State
InstaPundit Hugh Hewitt
Little Green Footballs Political Vanguard
Debbie Does Politics by Debbie Schlussel California Republican Assembly
National Center for Constitutional Studies Steve Frank’s California and Political News
Michelle Malkin Liberal Fair


Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club

National Rifle Association

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute California Rifle and Pistol Association
Target Masters West, Milpitas, CA Golden State Second Amendment Council
Reed's Sports Shop Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
Jackson Arms T&S Gunshows
Gun Owners of California Liberty Belles
Second Amendment Foundation Second Amendment Sisters, Inc.
Gun Owners of America Gun Owners Foundation
NRA Members' Council of Silicon Valley NRA Members' Councils of California
Packing,org A Human Right



California Republican Party

Republican Party of Louisiana in Caddo Parish

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Stephen E. Barrar (PA Rep)

Steve Barrar

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New Venture Church

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Christi and Larry Dowst Kaye Bohler
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Silicon Valley Seed Sowers
Christian Bedouins Life Group Liberal Fair


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