Local company supports our troops in Iraq

From: (witheld) [mailto:(witheld)@us.army.mil]

Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2003 8:27 AM

To: (witheld)@otcwireless.com

Subject: Praise and Thanks from a Soldier


You don't know me, but a week or so ago you talked on the phone with a

unit deployed out in Iraq. They were trying to find a place to purchase

your 109/209 series LOS Transmitters. They found out about this product,

because I referred them to you. My father back in the states found your

product originally at his local MicroCenter in Atlanta GA. It was the

only product of its kind that he had found. It was a unique solution to

help me bring distant internet drops that are out of reach of land line

access. Most of our post is still being developed (location witheld

) and getting internet is extremely difficult out

here. You can imagine the desire for troops to want to communicate more

freely with their families back home. I work in one of the

communications units out here and was originally stationed out of Fort

Hood TX. Before I joined the military, I owned my own computer

consulting and web design firm out of Atlanta GA. Not only have I been

thoroughly pleased with the performance of your product. It has not only

met the specifications and promises on the box, but it has far surpassed

my wildest dreams. It claims to be able to transmit up to 5000ft and I

have personally done a shot more than 6000ft reliably. I can't say that

I could be happier. Your product alone has enabled countless soldiers in

my unit to be able to chat, im, send pictures through email, and

generally communicate better with their wives, parents, and children.

After word got around that I had found a way to get the internet to my

site, I have had several other units come to me asking how they can do

the same. You have already spoken with one of those units, and I believe

that you sent them your product free of charge. When I heard that, my

respect and awe was unparalleled. I can't say how proud I am that you

have done such a selfless act of support for troops deployed here. It

makes everything we do over here worth it knowing that we are doing it

for people and business like yours. I wish I could do more to repay your

kindness. If there is any kind of testimonial I can send you, please do

not hesitate to ask. The other reason I am writing you is that I

understand that MicroCenter is discontinuing your product line and I am

very dissappointed. If there is anyway possible, I would appreciate any

information you can send me, so that I may refer and direct other units

here on post to purchase your product. I can assure you there is some

demand and would like to give them the most correct and up to date

information possible.

Thank you so much for everything,

(name witheld)

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