Campaign 2004

Fred's Left Coast List For Election 2004

Rosario Marin: California's best to replace Boxer!

I had the honor of meeting Rosario on a couple of occasions, I was extremely impressed. She impressed me with her genuine caring and respect she exudes when engaged in conversation. Being the 41st Treasurer of the United States, she is an IDEAL candidate to replace the Left Coast Senator Boxer. For those of you living in a cave and not getting out much, Boxer has been one of the biggest spenders of your hard-earned taxpayer money. Let's get represented by someone who KNOWS what fiscal responsibility is all about! Please show your support for a fantastic person and click on her link below for more information.

The Bushmobile is making the rounds and getting lots of "thumbs-up's" after a heart-lung transplant (new engine followed a week later by a new transmission).

We are gearing up for a long campaign and have had three major California fund raisers in the last six months that has added to the war chest. A California victory just might be possible if we can use the wave created by the Davis Recall election: 62% of all Californians voted Republican.

I attended a fund raiser for President Bush at Fresno on October 15th.

A Great Moment

My Bushmobile - many miles, many impressions.

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