Soap Box Archives - January 2001

1/25/2001 One of the last parting acts of EX-President Clinton and his "mature staff" was to rip off everything in the Air Force jet (that he was so graciously loaned by President Bush) down to a case of toothpaste. Everything not bolted to the plane was taken - china silverware, sheets. I wonder if old BJ Billy took the stewardesses? Did anyone check the carpet for stains?

The office he left was no exception with probably over $200,000 worth of damage done from gluing file cabinets shut to porn left all around to obscene graffiti on the walls. All that happened in addition to the thousands of dollars in computers destroyed and the "W" keys removed, broken, glued and obliterated.

I personally would like to see a few people thrown in jail for all of that or at least made to pay for all the damage.

I can understand that President Bush has more important things to do. Didn't he really hit the ground running at full speed? I would bet that by the end of our President's terms, the Clintonites and Gorinches will wish President Bush had put them in jail instead!

1/22/2001 The California Power Crisis is probably one of the worst blunders made by our legislature. In ten years the state's population has doubled, the Tech Industry has grown at least 2 or three times it's 1990 size, and there have been exactly ZERO power plants built during that time. You cannot blame it on deregulation, because the power utilities "deregulation" covered only the purchase of electricity, NOT the price consumers would pay. We will pay for our legislature's mistakes one way or the other. Let's vote in some fiscally responsible Conservatives!

1/9/2001 Back in the 1990's, liberals were pushing to keep illegal Guatemalans in the USA rather than returning them home to the killing squads they were sure to face. We do not hear of even one of them taking some of those poor refugees into their homes and helping them to get a new start. Surely Senator Edward Kennedy had the resources to be able to help many of these people but did not. Linda Chavez did! She not only took it upon herself with her own money and time to make a difference, but also supported the schooling of two Puerto Rico children in New York. Now it appears that the liberals have forgotten their cause, and are actually striking out to try and destroy a minority woman!

An interesting side note is Linda's neighbor, Margaret Zwisler. Margaret's lawyer is Neil Eggleston, who worked with George Stephanopoulos. George reported the story for ABC news. Think about it!

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