Soap Box Archives - June 2001

6/21/2001 Today we lost one of the worlds best bluesmen, John Lee Hooker.

6/21/2001 It is really interesting that Gray Davis and Barbara Boxer are trying to take $9 billion dollars from American companies as a penalty for the State of California not building enough power plants. It should also be noted that Boxer family made a ton of money by investing in those very companies. When Vice President Cheney was a CEO of a major oil company, Boxer made a lot off that very company. She also owned stock in an OFF-SHORE DRILLING company. What do the extremist, destroy_all_human_life_so_the_trees_and_animals_can_live supporters of her think??? Hmmmmm........ I guess she feels that it is OK for her to profit from the oil business, but no one else should.

Is that Boxer telling Davis that she wants some of that $9,000,000,000? She should take up Heroin, Booze and Cigarettes and then sue Big Tobacco for $3,000,000,000 - just like a heroin junky with a bad liver and lungs did in Los Angeles. That award would not be taxable!

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