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8/29/2001 "That ought to teach you!" Jim Clark, one of the founders of Netscape and by his actions probably one of the "Liberal I feel your pain" members, is withholding a $60,000,000.00 donation he promised to Stanford University to build a facility to research, among other things, fetal stem cells. The reason he gives is "because it would be futile for private funding to supplant federal medical research grants. He also cited recent decisions to limit research to existing stem cell lines." I believe that the word "supplant" means replace. Jim may have some intelligence, but he should at least check out his facts: The federal government has never (even under the liberal Clinton administration) financed fetal stem cell research; therefore there is no federal money to replace. All fetal stem cell research so far has been with private funds. Many companies very willingly spend huge amounts of money in this area because they believe there will be even bigger returns when they can patent and sell the fruits of their labors. I hope he doesn't think that by withholding his pledge that the Bush administration will knuckle under. He will have a long wait. The article.

They finally sentenced Juanita Lozano to a year in jail and fined her $3,000 for delivering a video tape and other confidential documents to the Gore campaign when she was an aide to Bush's media advisor. She could have received 10 years in prison, a $500,000 fine and 6 years probation. The courts should have given her the maximum as a deterrent to future people. I mean, if the Democrats offered a million dollars to someone to do this again, the year in jail and fine would be a piece of cake for that much money. I don't think anyone would spend 10 years in prison for a million dollars. See it here.

It is finally showing up: After 8 years of "anything goes" behavior encouraged by President Clinton, some people feel that they can do anything to feed their selfishness. Adam Moss allegedly kills his girlfriend, her five children, and another man. Nikolay Soltys, when finally caught, supposedly admitted killing his wife, his 3-year old sun and 5 other relatives. Andrea Yates was indicted for drowning her five children in a bathtub. Herbert Monterroza was arrested for beating and stabbing his parents to death. Come to think of it, all the school shootings occurred under Clinton's watch. I believe we have an answer to a good portion of all the deaths by bats, guns, knives and whatever weapons people can use: The Liberal "I feel your pain, so you can blame other people and objects for your actions - it's all right" policy. That's right! It has been one of the main unwritten policies of the Clinton administration. We need a lot of old-fashioned conservative family values to turn around this epidemic.

When we thought it was all over, Palm Beach (the same place where very few of the Democrats know how to properly vote because they are a confused bunch) is back in the news with voting machines. They are going to auction off the punchcard voting machines on eBay on November 7th. Maybe California will bid on them. Read it here.

Janet Reno may decide next week if she will run against Jebb Bush for governor of Florida. I hope she gets the Democratic nomination to run. It should be an easy win for Bush, provided the Democrats don't get confused when the optical reader kicks out their vote with the message "So sorry, but you voted for more than one governor."

8/29/2001 Only on the far Left coast of California do we see some of the most ridiculous, stupid things. This comes from the August 29th edition of the Palo Alto Daily News. The headline reads "Tunnel combats Roadkill". It appears the California Tiger Salamander "is a candidate species under the federal Endangered Species Act". Now I ask you, is the species endangered yet? I guess the reporter that wrote this is editorializing a bit, trying to weave the wacko environmentalist mantra into the story. Now back to the story. Evidently, some of these salamanders are squashed each year while crossing Junipero Serra Boulevard, so they are building a tunnel under the road for the salamanders to use. Believe it or not, but the "tunnel is the result of 1998 California Tiger Agreement for Stanford University, signed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the California Department of Fish and Game and Santa Clara County". I have to ask you another question: How will the salamanders know to use the tunnel instead? I don't believe that they are real intelligent creatures, but who knows? I have a GREAT IDEA! Let's hire the homeless people and pay them good University wages and teach them to become Salamander Herders. That way we will decrease the amount of California homeless people and save the California Tiger Salamander at the same time! I will let you know when I see the want adds for these positions.

As a side note, I am wondering: is the salamander fish or game? I hope it is a derivative of a fish, because these will be really hard to shoot when the season opens. If you use a shotgun, there will be no meat left to eat.

This happened in San Francisco. Herbert Monterroza, 22, is in custody and charged with the murder of his parents. Herbert allegedly hired 3 people to kill his parents. It was said he joined the three and the foursome may have beat the parents with baseball bats and stabbed them both many times. Herbert was thought to be arguing with his parents about moving in with them with his pregnant wife. The Palo Alto Daily News had the headline "Housing crunch may have led to family murders". Leave it to a far-left liberal paper to try to blame the murders on the housing shortage. This is sort of like the Social Security scare the Democrats are playing: With all the dot-com layoffs in California, there is actually a surplus of housing. Some apartment complexes are offering one or two free months rent and even have hired young people to stand on the corners with arrow-shaped signs pointing to the rental offices. How come the liberals have a hard time remembering the meaning of "SURPLUS"? Maybe the section of San Francisco Herbert wanted to live in was overcrowded.

8/27/2001 Social Security - Take a look at the following headlines:

Social Security reserves may be tapped as budget surplus shrinks (YAHOO)

Congress predicts $9 billion taken from Social Security (CNN)

Social Security funds could be used (MSNBC)

Dipping into Social Security funds? (MSNBC)

Social Security to Cover $9 Bln. Shortfall? (ABCNEWS)

Gloomy Forecast Sees Breaking the 'Lockbox' (ABCNEWS)

The weak economy may force the government to spend billions in Social Security funds. (ABCNEWS)

The Incredible Shrinking Surplus (ABCNEWS)

Congressional analysts say the federal government will be $9 billion short this year, and will need to take the money from Social Security. (CBSNEWS)

Now, I don't believe there is anyone in America (with the exception of some Palm Beach voters who could not figure out who they were voting for) who would think that a "surplus" isn't "excess that is not needed". That means too much was taken in the first place! The surplus is money left over AFTER the budget has been defined. A few months ago, we had $250,000,000,000.00+ surplus for this year alone. All of a sudden, the Bush tax cut has used it all up? Excuse me! The tax cut, for the most part, does not even take effect for 5 to 10 years. What happened to the money? NOTHING. Well, maybe the DemocRATs (oops!) are planning increases in spending in the budget to make try and use up the "excess". They would hate to admit that they increased our taxes many times over the eight years that Clinton has been in power.

Cutting into Social Security Fund? Breaking the "Lockbox"? Well, the Social Security program is funded right out of the general operating fund in Washington. There is no such thing as a "lockbox". There is no such thing as a Social Security Trust Fund. There is no account that has your name on it with all the FICA deductions that have been taken from your salary. The money is budgeted at the beginning of the fiscal year to provide for all the Social Security checks. End of story.

Another headline:

Poll: Bush approval still high despite surplus estimates (CNN)

Don’t you think the people (with the exception of the previously mentioned group) realize deep down inside of them that the surplus needs to be returned to them? After all, it is our money!

8/24/2001 President George W. Bush said in his radio address: "Americans demand top-quality service from the private sector. They should get the same top-quality service from their government." So now we should see some of our government streamlined to provide efficient services, rather than the old red-tape-laden bureaucratic messes that we have seen in the past. Efficient government, and therefore less costly, will benefit us all. Covered by CNN.

8/24/2001 Mary Blek of the Million Mom March LIED to the United Nations conference on outlawing firearms worldwide, saying that one person dies every minute in the United States from "small arms and light weapons". Please count as follows: 60 minutes per hour times 24 hours a day times 365 days a year equals 525,600 deaths a year! The number of firearms deaths in 1998 was 30,708. Being 1700% off is not a mistake: it is a BOLDFACED LIE! This is a tactic the liberals, socialists and communists have used for years – tell a lie enough times and the general public will believe it! How dare she attempt to have our Constitution overridden by the U.N. Steven Ertelt's Conservative Information reported this today. See his mail.

The San Jose Mercury News reports in their August 8th edition that the World Health Organization is sending a team of physicians to Iraq. They are “to lay the groundwork for the first major international study since the gulf war into Iraqi patterns of cancer, kidney diseases and other congenital disorders”. I see it now: poor Iraqi citizens suffering on TV with their lawyers announcing their lawsuits because the United States used depleted uranium shells. It is true that the shells exhibited a health hazard when they pierced armored tanks and killed the occupants! Depleted means worn out; kaput. I don’t know the exact amount of radiation remaining in a depleted shell, but unless those Iraqi’s walked around for the past 11 years with a shell up their…. (or should I say “in their pants”?) they would suffer no more radiation than what is the normal background radiation around us all. They just want our MONEY!

The WHO ought to read the European Union even admits that the depleted uranium shells pose NO health risks. They released a statement this past April 9th as CNN reported. The World Health Organization should have read this article and saved themselves some time. I have a feeling that it would not have stopped them anyway, as maybe they believe that Iraq should be another United States welfare state.

8/23/2001 More guns in the news: the San Jose Mercury's August 23rd crime report mentions a person in their house was cited for discharging a firearm within the city limits. Three people, one armed with a bat were crossing a lawn going toward a house. The victim (my words, not the Mercury's) fired a warning shot in front of them with a shotgun from a second story window. The hoodlums (my words again) fled. Police arrived and cited the man who was just protecting himself and his property. Evidently, the law in this liberal state of CA, and the more liberal city of San Jose protects criminals. If it happens again, the victim should wait until they started beating him before defending himself with the shotgun. Hey man, wait until they're inside. No mention was made in the article if the police confiscated the shotgun. Good luck getting it back if they did. Firearms have a way of being mistakenly released to the scrap yard.

8/22/2001 The Clinton administration had big plans: eliminate all private ownership of firearms. It is real interesting that before he left office, he pardons someone who was serving a 58-year sentence for weapons violations. Maybe that is because Susan Rosenberg was follower of several of the radical groups including the Black Liberation Army and the Weather Underground. Billy certainly liked those radical groups! (Charges against Susan Rosenberg for killing a Brinks guard during a $1.6 million armored car holdup were dropped after she was sentenced to the 58 years.) Other members that were sentenced to longer and life terms are not too happy that Susan got off. One of them, Kathy Boudin, was just denied parole at her first parole hearing after 20 years in prison. Too bad Kathy, you should have sucked up to B.J. Billy! Look toward the end of this article:,2933,32706,00.html

The headline is "Texas prison escapee could face death penalty". George Rivas was serving 17 life sentences when he broke out of jail. Officer Aubrey Hawkins was shot and run over by a car while responding to a post-escape break in Rivas masterminded at a sporting goods store. I think the headline should read " Texas prison escapee faces death penalty - May he get it!" Why was he serving 17 life terms? If one of those 17 was the death penalty, Officer Hawkins would be alive today. Read it.

8/21/2001 Now the World Trade Organization is trying to tell the United States to change it's tax structure. Citing that the U. S. A. tax structure for corporations with overseas offices is "unfair", they are threatening the our country with $4,000,000,000.00 in fines. Now our companies pay the tax in the country that their office is located, so what are they really bitching about? It looks like it is all about trying to get free money from the US government. Free money that you do not have to earn. Hmmmmm.... sounds like the liberals/socialists in the United States. Maybe the WTO would be happy if the European Union was just added to our welfare rolls. I read the article in the San Jose Mercury News, but here is the original article.

8/20/2001 Former jailbird Al Sharpton, who was just released from jail for trespassing at a Naval bombing range in Vieques, PR has just announced the formation of a committee to look at his running for President in 2004. Would ANYONE in his or her right mind consider electing a person who has publicly been against anything our military needs to defend our great country? Let me re-phrase that: Would any non-communist/non-socialist person consider this? (After all, we did have B.J. Billy for 8 years.) And he never was able to gather enough votes to even become Mayor of NYC.

Speaking of Billy, we now find out even more lies. Could there also be a breach of national security on this one? My inquiring mind wants to know: Why was Clinton discussing the possible pardon of former fugitive Marc Rich with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak? Maybe because of his "philanthropic institutions and funds" that he laundered in Israel? See the article.

And speaking of liberals/socialists, it may be that a member of the Kennedy clan will never get to trial on charges of murder. Michael Skakel, a Kennedy cousin, might skate out on a technicality. Evidently, there was a 5-year statute of limitations on all cases that could not be prosecuted as capital offences. It seems that since he was not charged with a capital offense. The solution here is clear: The prosecutor should amend the charges, the death penalty, and get on with the trial, leaving open the jury's decision whether to award life or death. But the untimely drug overdose of the main witness certainly makes that harder to do. I wonder if anyone intentionally gave the witness a lethal dose, either with or without his cooperation?

8/18/2001 The headline reads: "Advisers say Condit is near public comment". He has been "near" public comment since the start of this whole "affair". Besides barricading himself in his house behind a makeshift wall of old pickups and campers, he probably is the closest to making a statement to the press: The "pickup" trucks ARE the message!

Speaking of Condit, a close friend e-mailed me a link to Condit's actual Intern Application web page. I could not resist the temptation, so a new web page is born: my own version of Gary Condit's Intern Web Site.

Education in this country is slipping. When I went to school (a long, long while ago, but that still should still be valid), if you didn't make the grade, you were failed and had to repeat. That is the way it has been and the way it should be, or most people would think. Now a school in St. Paul Minnesota, is feeling sorry for the kids that did not fail and are creating new grades: 3.5, 5.5 and 8.5! This is supposedly designed to eliminate " promotion, the practice of passing students on to the next grade regardless of whether they've mastered their work." [I put my hand up and wave.] Excuse me, teacher? Why not just make them repeat the grade? It would teach the students there is no thing as a free lunch. Maybe a showing of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" should be mandatory instead of trying to protect the kids' feelings. Read the story.

8/17/2001 A convicted felon with a gun - even handling one - is a Federal and a State crime. End of story. Here in San Francisco, a convicted felon on parole, shot and killed a robber by taking the robbers gun when he set it down. A police investigation said the shooting was justified. The "hero", as the media and some police officers have called him, is now being held on a parole violation. While I agree that he might have put himself in danger, I would not elevate him to a hero status. It is interesting the no Federal gun charges have been filed. From the San Francisco Chronicle.

8/16/2001 On my way into work today (in the great mismanaged state of CA) I noticed that I'm getting a lot of "thumbs up" and "W"'s. I counted 8 in the 20-minute drive. During the election and then the post-election "Goring", I was running half 'n half with another displayed digit - I haven't had one of those in the past three months. I guess some Californian liberals are starting to "see the light". The ol' Bushmobile is still turning heads!

8/15/2001 MORE VOTER MADNESS. Florida Voters League, Inc. filed a suit objecting to a list of voter responsibilities to be posted at polling places. They are trying to overturn a new set of election laws that were overhauled as a result of the last election. DUH???? Do they really want a repeat of this past election with convicts voting and unregistered people along with the dead ones voting? I guess so. The lack of RESPONSIBILITY is the problem here - they do not want anyone to be responsible for their own preparation, such as understanding the issues and checking to make sure they voted correctly. They also don't want any identification to be shown at the polling place. I thought only the Chicago Dems were this corrupt. Voting is a privilege and should be taken seriously. Read it here.

More on The President's "vacation". He was in Albuquerque New Mexico today, encouraging school children to read. It really is a working vacation.

8/14/2001 So President Bush is on vacation at his ranch? For a vacation (even a working one at that) he sure has been busy! I didn't think Colorado was near his ranch. And rebuilding a trail! Well, it IS a vacation compared to what he has accomplished so far in Washington!

"The devil made me do it", again. People expect to literally get away with murder in trying to put the blame on anyone or anything besides themselves. Zhan Yin killed Yeun Kyung Woo and her sister after he followed the sister to Yeung Kyung's apartment. The reason? He was NEARLY RUN OFF THE ROAD! Not run off the road, but nearly. He is trying to blame it on road rage, as if it's some incurable, uncontrollable disease. The prosecutor may go for the death penalty. Zhan can't plead insanity - he was caught trying to flee to Canada, where he knew they would not extradite him if the death penalty was being considered. Thank God he was captured before he crossed. Here is the story. He beat and stabbed them both to death.

8/13/2001 In a nutshell, possibly an eggshell, I'll pick a couple of points out of some research Rush Limbaugh did on the embryonic stem cell issue the liberals have been pushing for. 1) Before Clinton, federal funding for embryonic research has been illegal. 2) During Clinton's presidency, he CONTINUED the ban for just about EIGHT YEARS. 3) Only until August of 2000 did his administration skirt around the law. If federal funding for this research is so important to the liberals, why didn't Clinton do what President George W. Bush just did? Read Rush's article. I definately recommend becoming an 24/7 Member of Rush's.

A law firm filed a suit against Palm saying the Palm computer could damage specific brands of computer motherboards. I once worked for a company that made interface chips for motherboards and had a complaint from a motherboard manufacturer that claimed the chips we manufactured burned up on the motherboards. It turned out that the motherboard manufacturer, in trying to lower costs, failed to put protection circuitry on the input/output pins! I bet that Palm will find that is the case! Read it.

8/12/2001 I came across a cute CNN article mentioning Gore's return to political life in a bipartisan forum. It was cute until I read this: "Starting Monday, Gore will participate in training sessions for about 25 young Democrats, teaching them campaign skills that they will then use in campaigns across the country." So now he's training some of America's young so they can undertake the unethical and underhanded types of behavior Gore and his minions tried in Florida. God help us all in the next elections. Hopefully all of the true Americans will see through this new ploy and not listen to the loser. As a side note, that beard looks scruffy - sort of similar to the "chic" drugged-out look of a heroin addict that was popular a year or three ago. See it for yourself.

A federal judge ruled that a section of Maine's Constitution baring mentally incompetent people under guardianship from voting. I see a possibility for voter fraud here. Psychologists and psychiatrists would be easily able to have their patients vote for whomever they wanted. If you do not have the capacity to know what you are voting for, you should not be able to be led into a voting booth and have someone guide you whom to vote for. Florida does not seem to have this type of law, as was evidenced by a lot of DemocRATs (oops!) mistakenly voting for the "wrong" or multiple candidates. You need to be able to follow voting instructions! The article as reported by CNN.

8/11/2001 Back in the 50's, the U.S.S.R. (Russia, for those of you that don't remember or were not yet born), said they would destroy the United States of America: not via war but from within. Since then the socialists have been pushing this country toward the extreme left under the guise of the "feeling our pain" liberals. Not only have these socialists taken away many of our rights, but they are now pushing us toward the acceptance of Communism. Some liberal idiot has approved a Communist on a U.S. postage stamp. Read it.

Today, I saw a poster on the back of a bus (in California, where else?). It stated that the energy it takes to pump water throughout the state is the biggest single drain on the states energy. The poster shows someone in a skin diving mask saying they keep cool in the pool instead of under the sprinklers. Well, I guess we should conserve the water and not worry about turning off lights!

Only 5% of the Big Tobacco Lawsuit money was spent on smoking prevention. A whopping 26% went to "bolster endowments or state budget reserves". The states are in it for the money. Read about it. What about the study that showed smokers cost the states LESS rather than more? That should be studied rather than ignored.

8/10/2001 The Big Tobacco Lawsuits - It's all about MONEY! With the $246,000,000,000.00 out of court settlement under their belts, lawyers involved in the case are still not happy. After seeing very little of the money going into smoking prevention and smokers education, lawyers are now claiming that they did not receive their "fair share" of the proceeds. After all, wasn't the money supposed to be used for the health of the states citizens to treat sick smokers? Read an article of one firm that is suing. It's GREED. Click here.

8/8/2001 A key witness in the murder trial against a member of the Kennedy clan suddenly shows up dead of a drug overdose in sameness driveway. Greg Coleman was found in a driveway of a Rochester, NY home. He was scheduled to testify against Michael Skakel for the murder of Martha Moxley about 26 years ago. I wonder how Uncle Ted feels about this. Hmmm... I wonder how close Condit is to Uncle Ted? Read the article.

8/6/2001 Gosh! I guess that we will not be able to sue the baseball bat manufacturer if a crook breaks into our home and beats us with a one! The same goes for the gun manufacturers in CA: The California Supreme Court ruled that victims cannot sue the gun manufacturers because a criminal intentionally misuses a gun. Why didn't the lawyers sue the criminals? We all know that answer: Deep pockets and a misguided chance to try to restrict our Second Amendment RIGHTS. Read the article.

I have noticed very little news coverage on this anniversary: Fifty-six years ago, President Truman dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Although a warning was given to Japan, they chose not to surrender, nor even evacuate the city. In fact, even after the bombing, it took a second bomb (destroying Nagasaki) a few days later to finally bring an end to the war. This act saved several of hundreds of thousands of lives for both sides, rather than extend the war another year or two.

8/3/2001 What's all the media coverage that our President is taking a one-month vacation? Congress is not in session for the month. Are any of the media advertising that fact? Why the comparison to the "average worker's" vacation of two weeks? At least President Bush will be working when he is at the ranch and not on a local fund-raiser the rest of congresspeople.

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