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9/20/2001 Terrorists take note: The sheriff is in town. President George W. Bush addressed We The People tonight and let us know - the ball is now rolling. I had to shout "YEA!" quite a few times during his speech. I will not apologize to anyone around me for these outbursts. I AM AN AMERICAN! I am very proud of our leader. God Bless you, Mr. President! Read the President's address.

I woke up last Tuesday morning and browsed the news and security sites looking for anything that may have happened over the evening. No mention of any security problems always makes me feel good, as my day will probably be fine. The word “probable” is Mr. Murphy’s engraved formal invitation to join me later in the day. On the way into work, I get a call in the car that network problems galore are awaiting my arrival. The caller lied to me. The Nimda worm was on the loose being led on by Mr. Murphy. By Thursday evening, I will finally be able to get more than two hours sleep. This worm had to be designed by either a 15-year-old with no outlet for his hormones, or was released from the cyber-terrorist-vault of one of those third- or fourth-world countries. I opt for a terrorist or a terrorist-supporter, as it was the one week anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attack on America. This worm cost American businesses a bundle in lost work time. I hope the FBI catches whoever did it.

9/16/2001 We have mourned our dead and praised our heroes. We must always keep a special place in out heart for those whose lives were taken away from them by the terrorists; for those whose lives were lost and those who were maimed and injured in the rescue efforts; for those who through their heroic action saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives while committing themselves to a certain death.

This terrorist attack had but one goal: to destroy or weaken Freedom. There are those who attempt to take away our freedoms. We must destroy their effectiveness, whether from abroad or from within our borders. All acts against our freedoms must be avenged and the perpetrators brought to justice.

We, as a nation, must show the world that we are strong. We must each do our own part in getting our country’s operation back on track.

Throughout our future generations, we must strive to keep alive the memories of this past week to assure that no United States Citizen ever becomes complacent in their thoughts or actions concerning our God-given rights of freedom.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2001


9/12/2001 "These acts shattered steel, but they cannot dent the steel of America's resolve. Our military is powerful, and it is prepared." With these words President Bush foretells the world that The United States of America, through its people and leadership, has not been weakened; our great country, its anger awakened, will obtain justice. Read our President's message.

Jeremy Glick and two other people are real heroes. They were aboard flight 93 and resisted the hijackers. Even aware that their actions would cause their death, they caused the aircraft to crash in western Pennsylvania. Evidence discovered after this article was released points to the fact that this plane was to be flown into the White House. They have saved hundreds, if not thousands of other lives. See the article.

We should not forget another group of true heroes: the Fire and Police people who lost their lives trying to rescue people from the collapsing World Trade Towers.

Driving to and from work today, Tears welled up in my eyes. Nearly every overpass had an American Flag on it. I wish to thank whomever put up these flags. God bless you and God Bless America.

9/11/2001 The most despicable and cowardly acts were perpetrated today upon not just the people of the United States, but upon the very core of our beliefs of God and Freedom. Let there be no rest by those responsible until all of them are brought to justice.

September 11th was chosen by the terrorists: In 1922 a British mandate in Palestine. In 1972 the Palestinian Black September terrorist group killed 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Summer Olympic Games.

9/10/2001 Joseph Ferguson killed five people and then went on the run as authorities initiated a manhunt to apprehend him. Police caught up with him, and after a shootout where he wounded two people (a bystander and a policeman), he shot and killed himself. This is the second mass murder in the Sacramento area in the past weeks and we are spared the cost of another death penalty trial plus appeals. The problem here is not access to guns. After all, Soltys used a knife to kill all his victims, although he used a gun to kill himself. I believe the problem is in upbringing, as these people obviously have no respect at all for other people’s lives. And they have no respect for their own lives. If these people had some religion and respect taught them when they were growing up, they would have been at least afraid of spending an eternity in hell and would have possibly committed a much lesser crime like assault. Forgiveness is easier for assault than murder than suicide. I think it all started when they took the “Under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer out of the schools. I also believe it then worsened dramatically in the last 8 years, as a president showed all our young people that you could lie, cheat, murder and whore around without any consequences. After all, you can always put the blame on your horrible upbringing, or so the liberals said. If that were really true, we would have millions of mass murders every year!

Yogi the Bear didn’t win. In Yellowstone National Park, they caught Patrick Engelbrecht and Thomas O'Flanagan along with an under-aged female wanted for severely beating an older couple. When caught, they were carrying a hammer, a knife and a handgun. May they all receive the justice they deserve; maybe 10 or 20 years as “Bubba’s” roommate? Read the story.

9/8/2001 The Bushmobile strikes again! I was driving back from the annual executive session of the NRA Members Council Of Silicon Valley and heard the now-familiar honking. A LARGE beautiful pickup (probably 1-1/2 times the size of an SUV) with two off-road motorcycles mounted in the bed pulls up beside me and the occupants all give the “thumbs-up” sign. “We’re Mexican!” they yelled. So now that President Bush met just this week with President Fox of Mexico, we have American-Mexicans leaning toward the conservative side of the political fence. I they were firmly established in this country with decent jobs, as evidenced by their driving accoutrements. So we have a couple of productive people contributing to the economy of this great country of ours and paying their share of taxes. They couldn’t have been more Americanized.

An investigation into a senseless killing spree in Simi Valley, CA by Reynaldo Herrera Rodriguez comes to an end. Park Rangers spotted a car driven by him in Los Padres National Forest. A search of the forest was begun, a gunshot was heard and Rodriguez was found shot in the head with his gun next to him. At least the taxpayers won’t have to spend millions on a death penalty trial and appeals. He apparently executed himself.

It appears that the National Parks and Forests are getting a bit of increased “tourism” lately. A pair of fugitives from Minnesota escaped into Yellowstone National Park. A swat team attacked the stolen truck they were driving with a flash-bang, but the truck was empty. No news as of yet on their whereabouts. If Yogi the Bear finds them in Jellystone, maybe the residents of the Left State of California will be spared another expense. Authorities search Yellowstone Park for fugitives (CNN)

A serial rapist in Fort Collins, Colorado may get his libido knocked down a notch or three as female college students are turning to the Second Amendment for protection. Many have been issued CCW’s (Concealed Weapons Permits). Unless the police happen upon a rape just as it starts, it will be all over by the time a 911 call gets answered. This rapist better think twice before proceeding now. More power to these women! Fearful Female Students Take Up Arms (FOX News)

9/7/2001 Operation Essential Harvest sounds like a plan to get the grain in before the rains ruin the food supply. In fact, it is a United Nations maneuver to disarm the ethnic Albanians living in Macedonia. The Albanians comprise 1/3 of the population. Does this sound familiar? Last May, the UN tried to circumvent the United States Constitution in an attempted resolution. Just think, this could be happening here if the Clinton administration had been in power when the UN resolution had been proposed. Keep an eye on this. It could very well be that once the Albanians are disarmed, they can be persecuted freely without having the means to protect themselves. Hitler first disarmed the Jews before he started to destroy them. Remember, an unarmed population has no protection. The story.

From looking at this picture, most of the weapons appear to be hunting rifles.

Some liberals in the public education sector have now gone too far. Science books now have political commentary in them, instructing impressionable students to the Save The Whales group and write to congress about global warming. I remember from my school days, that a small minority of the scientists promoted Global Cooling - we were going to be in another Great Ice Age due to the pollution blocking the sun. This was not presented in the science books, but covered under Current Events. Science should be Science, not political commentary. Read about it.

I remember the trial of Jimmy Hoffa and his disappearance. Many theories as to where his body was have been hidden: In the Atlantic Ocean, under a stadium, in a New Jersey swamp and may other places. We may be getting closer to the answer, as the FBI has run some DNA tests on a hair found in a car. The report.

9/4/2001 It doesn’t take many people with a message to change things. Take Disneyland for instance. How many millions of people go there in a six-month period? Yet, it took just 6 complaints to revamp the time-honored attractions. Souvenir muskets and old-looking guns are no longer available. No shooting to scare away the attacking hippo on the Jungle Cruise. Even the Pirates of the Caribbean has fallen to the PC group. What's next, elimination the laser shooting at the Star Wars tour? Of course the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals thought is was great that the fake hippo won't be scared anymore by the gunshot. That reminds me of what many mom's used to tell their children when the entire family gathered around the dinner table: "Eata your food, don'ta PETA it!" Read the article.

Janet Reno finally announced her intention to run against Jebb Bush for governor. This should be a slam-dunk for Governor Bush after the Waco, Ruby Ridge and Elian debacles. We just have to be on the lookout for the same old liberal lies.

I ran across a good article on Larry Elder. "Personal responsibility is..." what it's all about.

9/3/2001 This is possibly the start of a return to the basic right that we, as individuals, have the right to protect ourselves. Virgin, Utah has a new town ordinance: "In order to provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare of the town and its inhabitants, every head of household residing in the Virgin town limits is required to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition." This is now the safest town in the United States. Switzerland has a similar practice, and they do not have a large violent crime problem. The more firearms that are in the law-abiding citizens hands, the lower the violent crime rate. We need to spread this concept again throughout our great country. Read it here.

9/1/2001 As school starts up, we are seeing a lot of stories about increased security in the classrooms from metal detectors to bulletproof glass. A recent study by the Justice Policy Institute concludes, "Schools were and are one of the safest places for young people to be in America". The news media is distorting the general public's perception by heavily promoting their coverage of youth violence. According to an MSNBC report "One study of local California TV coverage found that nearly 70 percent of news stories on violence featured young people, while youth arrests made up only 14 percent of arrests for violent crime in California." As usual, a good portion of the media is concentrating bringing the liberal issues to the foreground Rather (pun intended) than just reporting the news.

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