Soap Box Archives - October 2001

10/24/2001 Now, of all things, an "Osama" computer virus. Look.

Finally, there is a glimmer of PRO-WAR activism at a few Universities.

Don't try this at home. A women in New Jersey put her bills in her microwave to make sure any anthrax was killed. Instead, she burned up the microwave along with her bills! Read about it.

10/21/2001 I have been busy, so two weeks passed since I've had the chance to update the Soap Box - here it goes!

Praise the Lord that the CIA now has permission to send Osama on his magic carpet ride!

We should all iron our mail to kill any anthrax germs! See the story.

The "ozone hole" at the Antarctic is not growing! The radical anarchists were crazy trying to sell the public this idea. Science has proved them wrong. If you went to school 30 years ago, you were taught that there would be a Great Ice Age at the end of the century due to Global Cooling! That didn't happen either.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the Second Amendment the individual's "right to keep and bear arms whether or not they are a member of a select militia or performing active military service or training." Now they should remind Gov. Davis of CA of this fact, as Davis just signed into law AB 35 and SB 52 that requires Gun Registration. The word "Registration" was changed to "Certificate" to try and make it seem like CA is just looking out for the safety of CA residents. This is actually a step toward eliminating all guns in California! Remember England and Australia outlawed and confiscated guns and their deaths by being shot increased! Take guns away from law-abiding citizens and the criminals will still have them. Did anyone ever hear of gang members turning in their guns because it was illegal?

More disgusting Clinton behavior, and the news reports in the headline (originally) that "Senator Clinton is OK"! It also shows that the "protective car searches" we have to go through are only for the common American Citizen, and not the lawmakers. It's amazing how many laws are on the books that our representatives can ignore. I hope the policeman sues her.

The article on the Swiss shooting states "Despite liberal Swiss gun laws, violent crime is rare and there are only minimal controls at public buildings. Politicians rarely have police protection." It should read "because of liberal Swiss gun laws violent crime is rare...." What do the Socialist media reporters know? Read the article.

Ex-President Clinton (Bill, not Hill) messed around with Lewinsky instead of protecting our country. It appears that he chased after her when he should have been chasing bin Laden.

Mullah Omar is really crazy. I mean clinically crazy!

Steve Dunveavy has the perfect punishment for bin Laden - turn him into a woman!

10/19/2001 The dot-bomb struck home. 90 days to exercise my options that are $261,000 in the hole made by the bomb. 'Nuff said.

10/6/2001 Thank You, President Bush! It looks like America's Prayers for you and your administration have been working!

Hello Osama! I hope you get to enjoy an expense-paid Magic Carpet Ride To Hell, courtesy of The United States and some of the other Boeing products you have not yet sampled!

10/6/2001 When our country sends in covert Special Forces to fight terrorism or to preserve freedom, we must not cover the operations so that CNN (or any other news group) is there to give blow-by-blow coverage. Maybe the Taliban people do not have many TV's, but their leaders do. Look up the meaning of "covert".

News articles tell us that the government is stepping up the amount of Anthrax vaccine it has at selected distribution points in case of an outbreak caused by terrorists. A few of observations: 1) Anthrax is treatable with large amounts of antibiotics if administered in time. 2) The Vaccine only works if administered before exposure. 3) None of this helped Bob Stevens.

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