Soap Box Archives - December 2001


our God,

the heavens are

the work of your hands,

the moon and the stars you


the earth and the sea, and every

living creature came into being

by your word. And all of us, too.

May this tree bring cheer to this house

though Jesus Christ your good and holy Son,

who brings life

and beauty to us

and to our world.

Lighting this tree, we hope in his promise.

I Wish Everyone A Very Merry Christmas.

May God Bless You And Your Family

12/21/2001 A widow of someone killed who was in one of the planes that hit the World Trade Center is suing United Airlines for failing to protect it's passengers. Hey Lady! Get a grip on yourself! You should be suing Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden instead. The US government has frozen a lot of the terrorist assets that make what United Airlines can pay seem like chump change. United did not kill your husband - the terrorists did.

And where there is chance for a buck, all the greedy people come out of the woodwork. The greedy UNIONS are talking firefighters into filing notices that assert their right to sue the city because they were subjected to dangerous materials at the WTC site. I remember that the UNIONS had complained not too long ago that fire and police representatives remain at the WTC site. I do believe the unions will help file suits over this, but not to protect or compensate their members; they just want the money. All injuries and possible lung problems are being taken care of by the worker's insurance plans.

Strip Taliban Johnnie, that Marin, CA, Left Coast traitor of his citizenship, then we can try him at a military tribunal. It is a shame that one of the grenades that were smuggled into the prison didn't go off under this asshole's blanket.

The Welfare System helps support terrorists. Let's make them work for their money!

In Geneva, New York, they have decided that a monument dedicated to the WTC Terrorist attack victims cannot have a child with their hands together pointing toward the sky because the pose is recognized as Christian prayer! A member of the Geneva Human Rights Commission claimed placing the monument on city property would violate the First Amendment and could "isolate" Islamic people in America that believe President Bush's war on terrorism is against Islam. This is utterly STUPID. First, nowhere does the First Amendment prohibit placing a monument of anything on public property; it does guarantee Americans the freedom of speech, while it also does not require anyone to listen. Second, I would challenge anyone to find an Islamic American Citizen that really believes our war against Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden is against Islam. I have seen many Islamic Leaders in the United States on TV saying Islam does not support killing Christians and Jews in the US.

12/14/2001 Traitor John Walker, the American Taliban, has been moved to a US Navy ship. I hope they tied him to one of the ship's propellers. We should punish his parents for raising such a "nice boy". I liked it better when they had him in a storage container. Maybe they should have just filled the container with water with him in it.

12/2/2001 John Philip Walker Lindh, of Fairfax, California was discovered fighting for the Taliban. He had first identified himself as Abdul Hamid when he was flushed out of a basement along with about 80 people. What is a 20-year old American doing fighting with the Taliban? He had converted to Islam and went to Pakistan, supposedly to help the poor. I think we should make an example of this person and hang him in public for being a traitor to America. Read all about it.

I found a perfect way to get rid of a murder weapon and enjoy yourself at the same time! Just turn in the firearm at the San Jose Sharks arena parking lot and get Sharks tickets and collectables with no questions asked! San Jose had just such an event this past Saturday, December 1st. It is a great way to cleanse your conscience and feel good about it since all firearms are supposedly melted down.

Support ALL of the bill of rights - not just part of it.

The Taliban is again babbling about being willing to die and America is trying to help them achieve this goal!

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