Soap Box Archives - January 2002

President Bush's State of the Union Address

God Bless America.

01/25/2002 It's just a money grab! Bruce Alberts, the president of the National Academy of Sciences has been pushing hard for government funding for stem cell research. He is also a past recipient of 22 Government grants for stem cell research. Also, he was a co-founder of Systemix Inc., which was started to develop cancer and AIDS treatments based on this same stem cell research. The company failed to produce anything, but he made $20,000,000 when he sold it. He then co-founded StemCells, Inc. that is currently valued at $80,000,000. Why should the American taxpayer give Alberts money to help his company? He should use his OWN money! Talk about the Enron scandel - Alberts shouldbe put in prison for mis-using government funding and personally profiting directly! Where is the all media reporting that should be placing this guy in the headlines for conflict of interest?,2933,43880,00.html

01/18/2002 Maybe we actually will be able to make a silk purse from a sows ear.

01/03/2002 If Bill Clinton starts referring to you as his "Buddy" - you better look out. Not only was Buddy (the Clinton's dog) run over, but his previous dog, Zeke, was also run over and killed by a car when Mr Clinton was governor of Arkansas. Thank God that Hillery didn't want to keep Socks after the cat outlived it's publicity usefullness. She (the cat) was adopted.

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