Soap Box Archives - March 2002

03/22/2002 So, now that the Democrats were not able to pin the Enron collapse on the Bush administration (notice that it all quieted down when the Global Crossing bankrupcy was brought to light), they are really streatching their imaginations trying to come up with something to "beat the Bush" so to speak. The Social Security scare didn't work. The economy that started to decline in the Clinton era is on the rise and is even recovering in spite of Daschle's attempt to talk it down. Now they dig into the old bag of tricks and pull out the "for the children" card in attempt to accuse the President of harming America's children!

Here is a direct quote from the DNC's web site I made a section bold to point it out:

Doctors' groups, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, blasted the Bush administration decision. They claimed that allowing drug companies to decide when they will test their products for safety in children will make it more difficult for doctors to judge which drugs -- and at what dosages -- are safe for children. Robert Ward, a spokesman for the American Academy of Pediatrics, gave the example of Priscoline, a drug for hypertension which was given to infants in dosages based on estimates. Those dosages were later found to be strong enough to stop infants' hearts.

Now, I'm not a doctor, but in my opinion, any doctor that perscribes a drug for hypertension in infants, should take some refresher courses!

03/6/2002 We did it, and now we have to move forward and regain the governorship of CA!

03/5/2002 Beware of the RINO's.

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