Soap Box Archives - May 2002

05/29/2002 Now we the final proof that Gore was really full of the brown stuff and he lied about Florida! Despite even Jessie Jackson crying about his perceived injustices, the DOJ finally finished their investigation and found (Surprise, Surprise!) no evidence of voting irregularities. It did note that 26 people may have left the polls before voting on their own due to non enough bi-lingual helpers. They were unable to find any evidence at all on 15 other complaints. STOP THE PRESSES! Even if all 41 of these complaints were true and we added all their votes to Gore's count, Bush still wins. If the complaints were the lack of the understanding of English, why was Jackson dicking around in Florida? Maybe it was that he was asked to by Clinton (we all know whom he was dicking around with!). I bet if we had an investigation in Miami and other cities in Florida (or every major city in the whole U.S.) we would find that a lot of illegal residents and dead people voted. Maybe Bush really did win the popular vote too!

05/28/2002 Does anyone really believe that Libya is not a terrorist nation? Their offer to pay close to $3,000,000,000.00 to the families of Pan Am Flight 103 they blew up over Lockerbie is their confession. At least Libya's terrain will be a lot easier to bomb than Afghanistan's was.

Now that the new socialistic European Union is well entrenched, one of their first rulings is to deprive the people of their food and employment. It wants 60% of their nations' fishing fleets to be scrapped. All of this is in the name of "protection of the species". Even if this action was not bad enough for them, they are proclaiming that the waters off North and South America, along with Africa are also targets - and not just for EU ships, but ships of all nations. Well, give a socialist and inch and they will proclaim their inch should be the measure of all other nations on earth. After they start starving their people and placing them on the EU welfare system, I bet they will be the first to expect, if not demand, the United States help their poor and starving!

Canada is at it again attacking the United States. Dr. P. J. Devereaux of McMaster University in Ontario is stating that a study of hospitals in the United States shows the for-profit hospitals have a 2% higher death rate than the non-profit hospitals. It seems that Canada, with its "great" Free Socialized National Health Care is looking at changing to privately run hospitals and needed a study to suppress that idea. Since this small 2% difference means 2200 additional people would die, Canada may re-think the changeover. Here is a probable reason for the difference: 1. Since the wait for treatment may take up to several years, more Canadians are coming over in the tens of thousands to the United States for private treatment. 2. Many of these probably waited too long, hence the additional 2200 people that died in private hospitals. What we need is a study of how many Canadians have died in the US. It is probably more than 2200.

05/27/2002 The airlines are in for Big Troubles if the recent facial recognition system being tested in Palm Beach is installed around the country. All of our airline terminals will be cleared out every 20 minutes and not one airplane will be able to finish taking off. It seems that the systems provided false positive matches two to three times an hour. Today, airports are emptied every time someone forgets and leaves a lunch bag unattended. What will happen when a couple of "terrorists" are "found" every hour?

05/26/2002 National Guard troops were not permitted to carry bullets in their weapons when patrolling at least 16 our Nation’s airports because some of the liberal state government people said, "We don’t want any John Waynes". Given the Clinton administration’s anti-gun stance has even infected the military and National Guards, it should be no surprise that bullets are a no-no. May I ask what would have happened if we really did need the troops to go into action? My answer is: We would have had National Guard troops slaughtered. We do need the “John Waynes” of this country.

Could a highly trained person effectively respond to a terrorist with a weapon in an airline terminal? In the fog of engagement, 3 seconds to take out the empty or dummy magazine, unsnap the leather strap holding the loaded magazine, remove the magazine from the holder, insert the loaded magazine into the weapon, chamber a live round and obtain a targeted sight picture on the terrorist, is a very long time. Particularly when the terrorist is already shooting. This earns the guardsman a YBK (You’ve Been Killed). If you have any doubts of this statement, just take a tactical gun course and find out the real answer. Our guardsmen not only need real ammunition, but also need to have a round in the chamber and be ready to fire!

If nothing changes, just chalk it up to the liberals and their “feel good” legislation and actions – it feels good but has no effectiveness.

An explosion destroyed an apartment complex on May 24th, following a Federal information release that terrorists could start blowing up apartments. We now know the cause of the blaze. No terrorist was involved. A person disconnected a gas line in an apartment and decided to relax after all that “hard work” by smoking. Let’s hope this person doesn’t propagate. As a side note, no one died from smoking here.

STOCK TIP: After two years of the tech sector bottoming out and a lot of the “dot-bombs” totally failing, there is some good news. Start buying all stocks that make appliances. No, not those kinds of appliances like refrigerators, washers and stoves, but appliances like false ears, noses, mustaches and cheek-puffer-outers. Buy up stock in plastic surgeon clinics. Halloween manufacturers I would not include, unless a lot more people watch the movie “Dead Presidents”. Digital Face Recognition is being deployed in our airports, bus stations and in other various public and private places. Long used in Las Vegas to spot gambling cheaters, our government is now catching on. Buy now before sales of appliances go through the roof!

05/22/2002 Congratulations to the dog who found Chandra's body! I guess the big show the D.C. police made in searching for Chandra was just that: a show for the press and public.

Now that Chandra Levy has been found, maybe her killer will be discovered. I'm wondering: Will her killer lead back to Condit???

Possible senario: 1) FBI finds out who killed her. 2) That person died in a hit & run "accident". 3) The killer is linked to a third party who is associated with Condit. Maybe Condit could possibly be the first congress person sentanced to death. Let's see if it happens.

Possible headline: CONDIT KNEW!

05/02/2002 It looks like Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is taking a lesson from the history books:

The only time war has been turned into peace is when SOMEONE WINS.

Negotiation only works when someone has already lost.

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