Soap Box Archives - June 2002

06/30/2002 Two US F-16 pilots are in trouble for bombing Canadian troops who were performing live-fire exercises in Afghanistan. One of the pilots dropped a 500-pound bomb, believing that he was taking on enemy fire. There may be disagreement over whether the actions of the pilot that dropped the bomb was justified, but that is best determined by a U.S. military investigation. Fast-forward a bit. The International Criminal Court (ICC) starts on July 1st. This permanent court, backed by the United Nations, was set up to prosecute people for war crimes. It is conceivable that these two pilots could have been brought before the ICC if it were not for The United States’ rejection of our participation. Our troops whom have valiantly fought in Afghanistan could conceivable be prosecuted by the court for genocide toward the Taliban. What the U.S. has asked for is to provide immunity for our armed services that protect America. I believe the ICC should be scrapped, as it really serves no other purpose except to help socialize the world. Imagine some of the worlds countries services being afraid to defend themselves for fear of being prosecuted! If the world needs to try someone for atrocities a special court can be temporarily be set up just for that purpose and then disbanded. The Nuremberg court was very effective in trying the war crimes committed during WWII and such a court could be set up again. The real trouble with a permanent court is keeping itself busy. This would probably lead to the court stretching its mandate to include individuals anywhere in the world in any country for any "perceived" human rights violation.

Imagine an American being arrested by the U.N. court and losing all the rights that citizen would have under our Constitution: The United Nations recently tried to pass "small arms" laws that would have effectively enabled them to enforce a world-wide ban. In usual military parlance, small arms include mortars, shoulder-fired rockets and like weapons, but do not include automatic assault weapons or rifles and handguns. The U.N. attempt included all handguns and rifles in their definitions. If this law had passed, an American could be arrested in their own home and charged with international arms violations. Guess who would do the prosecution? You might have guessed: the ICC! The Europeans would just love to have another tool to push their agenda on us.

06/27/2002 The 9th Circuit Court put its decision on hold after President Bush’s reaction and a unanimous Senate vote to condemn their ridiculous decision to declare the “Under God” section of the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional. We need to replace a good portion of the judges on this court, as 27 of the last 29 decisions they have made were overturned. I believe that anyone who has a 93% failure rate in their job should be forced to find another means of support.

06/26/2002 The liberal Atheists are at it again. The 9th Circuit Court just ruled that the "One Nation Under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional. Judge Alfred Goodwin ( decided 2 to 1 that this violates the separation of church and state. The constitution does not say anything about a separation of church and state. What it DOES describe is that the government shall not establish a state religion. All of America's founders were religious men and believed in God. One of the reasons for forcing our Independence from England was that the English did have a state religion and we wanted no part of that. From the Declaration of Independence to the money we use every day, tribute is paid to God. We need to get rid of these judges that make decisions on faulty premises. For those of you in Marin, CA, the 9th Circuit Court is in San Francisco, out here on the Left Coast. I urge everyone to call their Senators and Representatives along with local school boards and tell them you support leaving the Pledge of Allegiance as it stands and urge them to keep it in the classroom. We would have less crime in schools if everyone were taught good old moral values! The Millions of Americans web site has a petition to protect our Pledge of Allegiance. Click Here to sign the petition.

We all know the Democrats have run out of real campaign issues. No one believes the garbage about raiding the Social Security fund. In fact, the Social Security fund never has any funds in it for more than a day or two, as money is transferred from the United States Treasury each time checks are to be printed. Social Security is a line item in the Federal Budget and gets all of its money from the general fund. The only way the SS fund can be raided is if Congress does not approve the budget!

So now Dick Gephardt is blaming the Republicans for the WorldCom troubles. No, he is not daring to blame the Bush Administration, but is placing the "blame" on Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay. How can he blame the Conservatives for WorldCom and Enron? Both companies are in trouble because of really poor and possibly illegal business decisions. I agree that the corporate leaders should be punished if they have broken any laws. Companies with sound business plans and good management will grow and be profitable. Those companies that try to lie and/or cover up screw-ups will ultimately fail. Politics has nothing to do with their fate. Along this line, Steve Schmidt of the National Republican Campaign Committee is starting to fight the decision.

Florida has a law that makes it illegal to trap or kill any form of life that is considered "native wildlife". Now that the extremist animal rights and extremist environmental groups have "had their way" with the general US population, animal life is deemed more important that human health. Grant Griffin has had to move his family out of their apartment after waking and discovering bat bites on both him and his wife. "Just call the exterminator or animal control and get rid of the bats," you say? Well because of the law, that is illegal! There is an exception: if a bat was found to be rabid, it could be "put down". Both Grant and his wife have been forced to move out and are being tested for rabies, but the bats have to remain in the apartment unless the tests come back positive. Even then, how would they be able to tell which of the many bats in the apartment are, in fact, rabid?

The liberals hit the airwaves hard when the Enron problems first came to light, claiming all the Enron employees lost their 401K values and were prevented from selling their Enron stock or divesting their portfolios. We now have proof those liberals were lying! Playboy magazine did a “Women of Enron” spread and it was the subject of a news article on CNN’s web site. Here is an interesting quote from the article: “None of the four models who spoke Tuesday said they suffered the kind of financial losses that devastated others who depended on stock for retirement or their children's college funds. Reed said she sold her Enron stock before shares began tumbling exponentially last fall because she needed the money. Daugherty said she made sure her 401(k) was diversified so her losses were minimal, and Howard had shut down her portfolio.” So now we find out the real reason so many people lost. It seems a lot of Enron employees didn’t use common sense or were undereducated in the stock market. Those DemocRATS can sure get the facts screwed up.

PSA: A new medical study concludes that there is no increased risk of breast cancer for women that have taken the pill for contraception.

06/25/2002 Senator Barbara Boxer of CA attacked President Bush for concentrating more on the war on terror overseas and ignoring the anthrax attacks here at home! Surely, the Senator knows that is not true. That investigation is in process.

06/20/2002 McCain and Feingold are at it again. They have introduced legislation that would require broadcasters to give free airtime to politicians' campaigns. Additionally, they also want to issue vouchers to candidates who need the most help in their campaigns! This means if a candidate is not popular enough to raise money on their own, the taxpayers would be forced to support them!

Another misstated "scientific study" boldly proclaims, "A study by scientists in Finland has found that mobile phone radiation can cause changes in human cells that might affect the brain, the leader of the research team said Wednesday." Here is a group trying to wipe out technology with groundless fear mongering. Even Darius Leszczynski, who is running the project, says: "Where the truth is I do not know." He also admitted that his whole family, including children use cell phones and does not think there needs to be any restrictions on phone use. Why is the media and the rest of the world scientific community concerned? Why even release this garbage?

Ted Turner's anti-Israeli comments are probably going to further hurt CNN. Israeli cable networks are thinking on dropping CNN from their offerings.

Spain, with its unemployment rate of 11.5%, is having riots and strikes against the new unemployment reforms. The new reforms make people accept jobs within 18 miles from their home. Once people can get paid for not working, a good majority of them will want to keep the status quo of the government supporting them. Why work for the same money if you don't have to? Since jobs are available, it is utter laziness to sit at home and complain that 18 miles is too far to travel! I live 25 miles from work, and have absolutely no problem making the 50-mile journey each day.

06/19/2002 The story's headline shouts "Secondhand Smoke Causes Lung Cancer: Experts". It goes on to say "Billions of people around the world who are exposed to secondhand smoke may have an increased risk of developing lung cancer because passive smoking causes the disease, health experts said on Wednesday."

Take a look at who is releasing this "study": the International Agency for Research on Cancer. This organization is supposedly an "extension" of the World Health Organization and is based in France, one of the more Socialistic countries in Europe. It is extremely interesting that the WHO released a report a couple of years ago that there was NO relation to second-hand smoke and lung cancer.

Buried in the article: "The scientists said they found no increased risk from secondhand smoke for childhood cancers but they did not know what impact long-term exposure to tobacco smoke would have on children as they grow older." This tells us that they could not find any link AND they do not know what will happen in the long term. Let's see, no short term and no long-term effects are known, so the report must not have found anything! Looks like a bunch of Socialists in scientist disguises trying to kill Big Bad Tobacco! I think I'll light up and spread some second-hand smoke around!

Now someone is starting to get some sense in their heads. The aviation subcommittee of the House Transportation Committee approved a bill to arm our pilots. Well ALMOST. The OK'd a 2-year study to arm 1,400 pilots. Let me study this. We have about 7 million pilots. In two years, how many more planes being destroyed will it take for all of Congress and the Transportation Department to wise up and let the pilots take aboard whatever protection they wish? Up until September 11, 2001, some pilots carried weapons with them. Even back in the 60's anyone could carry a gun aboard a plane. Maybe we should allow all people who can get a concealed-carry permit in any state to board any plane armed to the teeth. The terrorists would then leave the hijackings to pursue other forms of terror. To support our pilots, go to the Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations' web site at and let them and your representatives and senators know how you feel!

06/18/2002 With all the problems America has had with illegal immigrants since September 11th, some members of Congress want to let all illegals apply for permanent residency! How many more American Citizens must die before Congress wises up? Many of the Al Qaeda members were here illegally on expired visas. Since 1994, when the law was enacted in the Clinton Presidency, over 12,000 people that illegally entered America from countries that support terrorism have been granted permanent residency! Not only did the Clinton/Clinton/Gore administration gut our military, but they invited the Al Qaeda to come here in droves! The 245i loophole was created by the very same liberals that tried to convince Americans that there was a gun show loophole. Cut the military, invite in the terrorists and ban United States Citizens from owning firearms – this sounds like a plan to let the terrorists take over our country, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. Maybe the liberals are thinking of making the United States the new Palestinian State!

Communist sympathizer (at least in my opinion) Ted Turner of CNN must have been caught with his pants down, thus exposing his True Colors. He was quoted as saying "Israelis ... they've got one of the most powerful military machines in the world. The Palestinians have nothing. So, who are the terrorists?" Now CNN is back-pedaling saying that Ted Turner's comments were his own opinion and not that of CNN. Doesn't everyone do what there boss tells them? Well, Ted, like Jane, is now saying he was misunderstood.

This must be catching! Socialist British Prime Minister Tony Blair's wife, Cherie, was quoted as saying "As long as young people feel they have got no hope but to blow themselves up, you are never going to make progress." She said this after the suicide bomber killed 19 people in Jerusalem. She claims she was misinterpreted!

Here is a link to the news story of the 19 killed, including 7 teenagers, on a bus in Jerusalem. We should let Israel defend herself, even help her defend democracy! Let the tanks roll!

After a month or so, MSNBC has brought back its "Guns In America" page. Under Gun Safety there is no mention of training of any kind! Why not Eddie Eagle's "Stop, Don't touch, Leave the area, Tell an adult" message? Maybe because it is from the foremost experts on real gun safety - the NRA.

Beam me up Scotty! Scientists are claiming they have teleported a laser beam across the room. More junk science? The Australian National University performed this experiment. Well, the Australian Government took away all the guns, so the people have to do something else to pass the time. Maybe this is the secret prelude to developing the Phaser!

06/17/2002 They are in it for the money. They have to be. No other explanation seems credible. Lulu Petersen has filed a class-action lawsuit, not against the Apartheid government and leaders that killed her brother nearly 30 years ago, but against European and United States companies that traded with the old government. She said: "We want reparations from those international companies and banks that profited from the blood and misery of our fathers and mothers and our brothers and sisters." Instead of going after Citigroup, UBS and Credit Suisse, why isn't she going after the overthrown regime? Because the money is available elsewhere and in enormous amounts.

We can't put this reparations stuff solely on Lulu's back, as it originated right here in the good ol' U.S. of A.: Edward Fagan, Diane Sammons and other lawyers have started this rolling again. Some may remember Fagan from the 1990's when he successfully sued for the return of the Holocaust victims' money, which was stolen by the Nazi's in World War II. The settlement was $1.25 billion. In this case, he is looking for awards in the area of $50,000,000,000.00 (fifty Billion!).

When Fagan sued the Swiss banks, he was really just recovering money that was directly stolen by the Nazis. This lawsuit does not address the recovering of anything of value from the apartheid regime, since Nelson Mandela seized all assets and everyone even remotely associated with the regime was either chased off their land or outright tortured and killed - right down to the farmers - both black and white alike!

Citicorp and the other companies are basically charged with making a profit under the guise of supporting the apartheid regime. How can this be claimed? If these companies made profits, they were actually lessening the amount of money the Apartheid regime had to spend. I see just another Socialist attempt to redistribute the wealth of the U.S. to the less fortunate countries. As further proof of this, the " would not be distributed to individuals, but used collectively to help alleviate the impact of apartheid by building schools or houses...".

Follow the money and the deep pockets: the lawyers' fees would be at least $17 Billion, and probably more if they are charging for their expenses up front. This looks like another "Big Tobacco" fiasco. If all this plays out in European courts (or else in Marin, CA), we can probably see Citicorp, a U.S. company, will be hammered into the ground. I would expect that UBS and Credit Suisse would pay some chump change, with the bulk of the settlement to be paid from the "Evil Rich Americans" (or at least that's how the Socialistic Europeans would describe us).

Maybe I should start a class action lawsuit against the European Churches for all the torture my forefathers suffered during the Inquisition. I also have to sue all the European countries for their support of the Crusades and allowing free passage of those evil torturers, and actually participating themselves.

06/16/2002 Tiger Does It! His performance in winning the 2002 U.S. Open was great, especially with the cold and rain in the earlier rounds.

Someone leaked the existence of our plan to whack Saddam Hussein. Saddam would have to be just plain stupid not to think something like this was already in the works, so the leak hopefully will not put any of our covert troops in any additional danger. We should have taken him out years ago, but that's another story. Democratic Senator Evan Bayh said he would back the action of the Bush administration, but said we would need "to develop as much diplomatic support as we can." When will the liberals learn? The Diplomatic Process to combat terrorism will only be successful AFTER the war is won.

Adham Amin Hassoun was arrested after ties with Jose Padilla and the dirty bomb plot were discovered. It has been noted that his visa had been expired for six years. I wonder how many more terrorist links would be exposed if we just rounded up everyone with an expired visa? Maybe it's time to secure not only our borders, but also our boarders.

06/15/2002 Who said the Cold War was over? The Argentinean Coast Guard opened fire on a Russian fishing trawler Odoyevsk when it refused to show it's catch. "It was emphasized that there was no justification for the use of force in connection with a peaceful civil vessel, thereby threatening people's lives." was the statement released by the Russian ministry. I remember the Russian "fishing trawlers" bristling with antennae off the US coast in the 60's and 70's. These trawlers never caught any fish, but could possibly be mistaken for spy ships!

The Dems sent out an email titled "Democratic Strategy 2002" asking liberals to become sustaining members and give some money to them in exchange for a mouse pad.. The strategy mentioned was:

Opportunity, Freedom, Fairness

Democrats: Standing Up for America's Values

If anyone can believe this statement they should remember:

Opportunity: Condit's opportunities with his aides.

Freedom: Clinton's last-minute pardons of terrorists.

Fairness: Gore's last-ditch efforts to tie the 2000 election up in the courts. The late-election phone surveys questioning people if they might have mistakenly voted due to confusion with the butterfly ballots - even before the polls had closed.

America's Values: Billy's B.J.'s in the oval office courtesy of Monica. Trashing and looting of the Whitehouse and Air Force One.

That's a HOOT!

And speaking of B.J. Billy's "oral sex is not sex" beliefs, Beaumont Middle School in KY has noticed an increase in sexually transmitted disease and an increase in oral sex between students. This is a middle school, not even high school. I guess the kids have taken the liberal teachings to heart.

I was browsing and came across one of the1998 reports that help bring the Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide link to the front of the news and provide something for the Socialists to advance their narrow agenda of killing all major US businesses. Note the following passage: "...for not all in the scientific community agree that the evidence supports this statement; some feel we are mainly witnessing natural climate variability. There are even those scientists who feel increasing atmospheric CO2 and any resultant warming may not be a bad thing, because of experimentally demonstrated benefits for plant growth and likely increases in growing season length." So Global Warming, if it exists at all, may actually become a tool in helping to feed the starving in countries that have no industry!

06/14/2002 Dianne Feinstein will not be reading any more email sent to her publicly published Senate email address.  If other Senators CAN read their email, either Dianne is not too sharp or gets too much mail from irate constituents she wants to ignore. Maybe both.

The bees are in the news again. Killer Bees may actually be of some benefit. Would you like a richer and sweeter coffee to give you a "buzz"? Not as you may expect, but "bees in the trees" instead of in the coffee, can increase the yields of "shade coffee".

06/11/2002 Once upon a time, acid rain was on the mind of Americans. Now, India has a problem: Green Rain. It seems that it was just bee feces from huge swarms flying overhead. That sounds like a hell of a lot of bees!

06/10/2002 I'm probably going to be just about the only one saying this, but here it goes: The CIA, FBI, NSA and all the other alphabet soup agencies have really been doing a great job, even before September 11th. The 20th hijacker, Zacarias Moussaoui, was captured as a direct result of the FBI processing some of the internal memos. Even his capture did not lead us to the other 19 other hijackers. Maybe if we had forgotten just a little about human rights and put Moussaouri under a few shots of certain powerful drugs, we might have been able to get some useful information before his brain got totally fried; then again, we might not have since terrorists operating in isolated cells generally only contact each other through third and fourth parties. FBI Director Robert Mueller said "We have not yet uncovered a single piece of information, either here or in the treasure-trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and elsewhere, that mentioned any aspect of the Sept. 11 plot…. As best as we can determine, the actual hijackers had no computers, no laptops, no storage media of any kind."

Here are some interesting pieces if information gleaned from the press:

The Coast Guard is warning us about possible attacks to ships from divers. What is interesting is that our alphabet soup guys and gals have been warning us about that for at least two weeks or so. Now we read that three people of Mid-Eastern descent (from Saudi Arabia) have been arrested by Moroccan police for "allegedly planning" to attack United States ships (like the Cole). The three men (ages 25 to 35) were (allegedly) members of Bin Laden's Al Qaeda. The article mentions that the three were captured last month! The generalized "diver" warnings came to us about a week later. Our agencies DO have reasons when they issue these generalized warnings. I believe they have the right not to tell the general public and definitely NOT most members of Congress. A majority of congress is strictly interested on how much good press they get and would leak (and HAVE leaked) secret information that could expose our resources and kill them.

Jose Padilla (age 31, A.K.A Abdullah al Muhajir, but not of Mid-Eastern descent), an American Citizen was arrested when he arrived at Chicago's airport a month ago. He was carrying attack plans for building/using a dirty bomb when he was captured. ( For the people in Palm Beach, that is something that goes BOOM and spreads radioactive waste all around it) We are now hearing about this a month later. See a pattern? Benjamin Ahmed Mohammed (See the other pattern: Mid-Eastern descent?) was also captured in Pakistan as Jose's accomplice. Another person of Mid-Eastern descent is also mentioned in the article, but no mention of where he is.

A definite pattern has emerged:

1) When we receive warnings issued by the government, you can bet something has happened a week or so before that causes some alarm. We will never hear about it right away in order to protect the brave people putting their lives on the line to gain this info and not to warn additional terrorists in order for us to catch 'em.

2) People of Mid-Eastern descent between the ages of 20 and 40 have been extensively been involved in the terror attacks and we have every right to scrutinize people meeting that description. No all Mid-Eastern people, but just the ones that fit the profile.

3) Prison inmates who convert to Islam and then are released and start traveling to Mid-Eastern countries and meet with known Al Qaeda terrorist leaders. Both Jose and the "shoe bomber" fit this profile. 4) John Taliban Walker is from Marin, CA (The LEFT Coast), so we should add all liberals who live in Marin, CA as the next profile.

As a side note, our airport screeners are so worried about being accused of racial profiling; they are going out of their way NOT to screen people of Mid-Eastern descent. I know from experience in recent air travels. On one particular trip, I was checked twice at each airport: at the first screening and then singled out right before boarding. This trip means I was closely checked 8 times. Four of these times there was a Mid-Easterner of about the appropriate age to fit the terrorist profile next to me that was actually avoided. The screener's eyes looked away as this person passed. I'm sure if I brought this to the authorities, I would have been the one detained for causing a ruckus. After all, I'm a conservative, a most dangerous person indeed (at least to the liberals)!

In summation: It's not racial profiling - it's profiling terrorists!

06/07/2002 A Nearly three decades have passed and the man, who bragged he could get away with murder because he was a Kennedy, was brought to justice. Michael Skakel was convicted of brutally beating to death Martha Moxley. Since there is no statute of limitations on murder, maybe another death should be examined. It's ironic that the anti-gun advocate Ted's car has killed more people than my handgun. (Thanks to whomever made a bumper sticker expressing that similar thought!)

I know Tom Ridge being the President's advisor of Homeland Security has been driving the DemocRATS crazy. Since he is not a cabinet member, he is not required to testify before Congress. The liberal side of Congress has been pushing for Secretary Ridge to testify before them. Well, President Bush has called their bluff! Now let’s see what they do with Ridge’s confirmation hearing. I bet they will try to jerk us all around on that one!

06/04/2002 Soon, you could be fined up to $20,000 if you get charged with "dolphin harassment". Evidently, some people believe swimming with Flipper in Florida can cause the mammal irreparable emotional damage. The National Marine Fisheries Service has proposed a regulation that would define the mere act of swimming with marine life "harassment". Better watch out the next time you go swimming. Who gets the job of telling the dolphins that it is illegal to swim with you? Will they obey the law? Fox News reported this in May.

Well, what if the "tide is turned", so to speak? Will we be able to fine the dolphins if they harass us? What if a dolphin is accused of "sexual harassment"? Since dolphins have no money, can someone sue the nearest Dolphin Protection Group or even the government if sexually attacked? It should be worth a lot more than $20K. Can we create special dolphin jails for some of these misguided creatures that are attempting rape? You probably think me crazy for these questions, but please bare, I mean bear, with me.

A 10-year old dolphin evidently is starting his puberty and is attempting to mate with female divers and swimmers. Attempts to get the dolphin to swim out to sea have been futile. Duh! Since when can an adolescent starting puberty be told anything? Read the story reported by CNN!

Speaking of something fishy, how about all the liberal accusations of the CIA and FBI dropping the ball? It has now been reported that Zacarias Moussaoui was actually going around using several aliases. The only way we could have known about him sooner than August 15, 2001 would have been through his fingerprints, which we do not yet ask for when tourist terrorists visit our country. The fact that Moussaoui, the 20th hijacker, was discovered and arrested before September 11th shows that our intelligence community is doing something right. Remember that it is a lot easier to be a Monday morning coach with all the answers when you have the advantage of looking at the immediate past. How many crimes are stopped before they happen? Very few.

06/03/2002 PETA (the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals group) may have shown some true colors by exposing part of their extreme left-wing socialist agenda. They donated $1,500 to terrorists. The donation to the Earth Liberation Front was "to support program activities." Since the FBI has described ELF as a terrorist organization, we should freeze all of PETA's assets. With that amount of money, we could sure hold a hell of a great barbeque. The thought of food just reminds me of a saying from my childhood: "Eat-a your food, don't PETA it!

Sen. Jesse Helms, due to retire from the Senate, was in the hospital for heart surgery. He wrote, "…it sure beats listening to Ted Kennedy on the Senate floor." That is certainly the truth. Get well Jesse!

If you are a homegrown domestic terrorist, a foreign terrorist, or just have a whole lot of spare time on you hands, you may just want to build your very own SPY PLANE. Just go to eBay and you are sure to find just about all the materials needed!

I saw this on the Fox News web site: "Not to be outdone by Rev. Jesse Jackson, who is traveling to the Mideast this weekend, the Rev. Al Sharpton said Monday he plans to travel to India and Pakistan to try to ease tensions between the nuclear nations on the verge of war." Maybe Al is trying to get a spot on Hillary's presidential ticket in 2004. At least he is a real Reverend.

06/02/2002 A very interesting article will appear in Monday's (6-3-2002) edition of Newsweek detailing a good portion of the WTC hijackers movements that were known to the CIA.

Entitled "The Hijackers We Let Escape" it shows the CIA knew something was up and should have informed the FBI. The FBI supposedly could have then prevented the events of September 11, 2002. With all the hoopla suggested in the title leading readers to the impression of a complete and utter failure of our intelligence communities, the article does not totally live up to the expectations. The article is definitely a worthwhile read and does point out there need for be better communication between the agencies. We cannot know exactly all the where's, when's, and how's - that's one of the things that makes them terrorists. The last paragraph (marked off in red below) by Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman points out the cruel facts:

But would even that have been enough? There's no doubt that Alhazmi and Almihdhar could have been stopped from coming into the country if the CIA had shared its information with other agencies. But then two other hijackers could have been sent to take their place. And given how little the FBI understood Al Qaeda's way of operating-and how it managed to mishandle the key clues it did have-it's possible that agents could have identified all 19 hijackers and still not figured out what they were up to. That, one former FBI official suggests, could have led to the cruelest September 11 scenario of all: "We would have had the FBI watching them get on the plane in Boston and calling Los Angeles," he says. " 'Could you pick them up on the other end?' "

"Ashcroft's iron will molds the law" jumps out from the headline of this Sunday's San Jose Mercury News. The subhead follows: "Attorney general creates policy through tough tactics, personal beliefs". The article continues by stating "growing criticism from judges, civil rights groups and Democrats in Congress" are accusing Ashcroft of using the power of his position in government to "detain thousands of Middle Eastern immigrants and to toughen immigration police", strike down "assisted-suicide for the terminally ill; and to urge broader interpretation of the constitutional right to own guns."

Now, being that the Mercury is out here on the Left Coast and is run by liberals, this article by staffer Fredric N. Tulsky should not surprise any conservative. I would, however, expect to see this on the Editorial and Opinion pages instead of above the front fold. Besides the half page on front, three more full pages go on and on and on and on and on about what this "activist" is doing to the Constitution.

During the Clinton/Clinton/Reno conspiracy of eight years in length, not one peep was heard from the Mercury of our "rights" being eroded as more and more of out tax money was spent on frivolous, sometimes illegal and just plain stupid programs. No one has ever screwed America worse then the two Clintons' escapades. Well, Gore tried to have the courts break the election, but that was for only two months and the Clintons have much more experience in the black arts.

Now back to Attorney General Ashcroft:

He has detained immigrants of Middle Eastern decent. Is this racial profiling? Hell no! Every single person involved so far in the WTC massacre has been of Middle Eastern origin. Could Ashcroft have found these murderers and their accomplices by interrogating every white, black, Hispanic and Far Eastern person in America? That answer is: Absolutely no! Now the ACLU (American Communistic Lawyers Union) is trying to turn this around into a racial profiling case! If we thought ALL people of a particular group were terrorists, the ACLU would have a case. Being of Middle Eastern decent is being used as just one of several items in a description of these terrorists. If the store down the street from me was robbed and the description was of short Hispanic, and one of my friends Ramon (not his real name) was walking by the store afterwards, the police are perfectly within the law to question him. Likewise, if that same store was robbed and the description was a "white guy, 6-foot tall with glasses, driving a getaway car with a crucifix hanging from the mirror and Bush bumper stickers", I would not objection to being pulled over and questioned. If we follow the liberal logic, that could be racial profiling or worse yet: political profiling. Hmmmmm... that's what they are doing to Ashcroft - religious, moral and political profiling! Should he have instead gone door-to-door through the liberal, white, upper-class estates in Marin??? Well, maybe THAT is not a good analogy.

People of Middle Eastern decent HAVE attack our country and have murdered American citizens both at home and abroad. If you doubt the brutality of these particular murderers, just look at the video of the brutal slaughter of Daniel Pearl before the FBI succeeds in removing the last link to it from the Internet. I watched it, and I believe every high school should re-instate Civics Class and have the students watch this video before the final essay test. It would teach our future generation the meaning of the little known phrase (in liberal circles at least) "dying for freedom".

Ashcroft is accused of sticking to his religious grounds concerning suicide. This has absolutely nothing to do with religion. It is against the law to murder anyone, whether it is your self or someone else.

Now we come to the "Gun Issue". The socialist and communistic liberals have been trying for years to deny anyone from owning a weapon, other than themselves. Fat Rosie has called to ban all guns, but insists that her bodyguards be issued concealed weapons permits in all states! (As an aside, I'm sort of glad K-Mart is going under, although their lower-level employees should be able go to work for WalMart. WalMart supports ALL of our constitution!) Our Founding Fathers went out of their way to insist the right to self-defense AND the right to defeat enemies of our State is a God Given Right. Read just about any newspaper or article written during the founding of the United States of America and you will find that this right protects not only our personal right of self defense, but protects us from ANY infringement upon our Constitution. It even requires the state governments to supply weapons to its citizens in the form of a Militia.

For 230 years, the Second Amendment of our Constitution was written as and has been interpreted as being an individual right. Starting just in the last 35 years has this been miss-interpreted by the liberal judges.

Mr. Ashcroft, please keep up the good work!!!

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