Soap Box Archives - July 2002

07/15/2002 Taliban Johnnie Walker Lindh entered into a plea with the Federal Government to take a 20-year stint in the joint. I think he’s still a traitor and should have been shot. Plea Agreement. I hope he gets a real patriotic cellmate.

07/13/2002 Zimbabwe, faced with food shortages and starvation gets a further lowering of the food supply as he enforces his land grab from white farmers in an attempt to redistribute the land back to the black people whom do not have any land. President Mugabe is not allowing the land to be harvested and has drives tens of thousands of blacks into the unemployed majoprity of the population as a result. Lo and behold, Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader supports this in his visit to Zimbabwe.

07/11/2002 Further evidence of trying to exploit the class-warefare part of the Democratic subflooring, they are now attacking stock options in a effort to fight their perceived "big business is bad business" battle. RINO Sen. John McCain, proposed some of the stock option ammendments and What about Terry and Global Crossing?

07/04/2002 Mohammed Saffi, a stepson of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, was arrested in the United States without the student visa required for him to attend flight training school.

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