Soap Box Archives - August 2002

08/29/2002 Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel was sentenced to 20 years to life. Just imagine if he admitted to this at the start, he would have already been out for the past 7 years instead of just starting. I would lay my money on him getting released in 20 years if his appeals fail.

08/26/2002 Someone's goose has been cooked, or maybe I should say frozen. A light-bellied Brent goose, named "Kerry" was being tracked by the National Geographic Society and a British wildlife group, who started wondering why the goose landed on an island, waited a while and then permanently moved to another island. They tracked the goose to the freezer of a native Inuit hunter. If all geese were outfitted as such, hunters would be able to track the fowl a lot easier!

08/17/2002 In Soham, England a man and a woman have been arrested for killing two 10-year old girls. The violent crime rate has risen 28% this year. That is what happens when you disarm the general public. Remember unarmed citizens are subjects. Hmmm... no wonder they call themselves that! America's Second Amendment was the original Homeland Security. Let's return it.

08/11/2002 The start of another attempt to slant the Florida elections toward the socialist left continues with the introduction of a training video for poll workers. The video shows A white Republican accusing a black Democrat poll worker of being a Communist. Talk about trying to bring up race as a factor again is ridiculous. We know that the Democrats tried to bring up "all the disenfranchised black votes" that were supposedly not cast right after the election by bringing Jessie Jackson down there to stir up trouble. Investigations later failed to turn up even one case. Now as to Liberals, we can probably infer the a good portion of them (mostly white) are Socialists. Bill 'n Hill' are the only ones that I believe are truely Communists!

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