Soap Box Archives - September 2002

09/29/2002 Well, we can’t even trust the news organizations to report the news correctly (like I ever had any doubts). The uranium found in a Turkish cab was 5 ounces rather than the 35 pounds previously reported. Let’s stay tuned for the real story.

09/28/2002 The threat of nuclear bombs in the hands of terrorists is real! Police in Turkey stopped a cab and discovered 35 pounds of weapons-grade uranium. They received a tip that led to the arrest of people near the Syrian boarder. Thirty-five pounds of this stuff can make a hell of a nuclear bomb. Since the police were tipped off in order to find this one, how many more shipments have been made? How many more pounds are out there for the taking? It seems like weapons-grade uranium is becoming a supermarket commodity - just call a cab and tell them to deliver to your house.

09/23/2002 AWhat can the veggans and PETA say now? Especially PETA's latest statements that Jesus Christ was not a meat eater! Here is proof that early man ate meat as well as grains. The Iceman, Otzi, (a 5,000 year old hunter) last meals included red deer, ibex, grains and salad. Not only did early man hunt as well as gather, but he also fought. An arrowhead was found imbedded in his shoulder. He wore leather clothing and had a copper axe and a bow with arrows. Otzi knew how to kill, eat the meat and wear the fur!

09/21/2002 Although he didn't need to, President Bush went to the United Nations to attempt to gain their support in making a new resolution calling for the disarmament if Iraq. Bush basically told them to shit or get off the pot. Now, after another new UNresolution (number 17 against Iraq, I believe), Iraq is again refusing to comply. We all knew Saddam was just delaying again and now he is just trying to "Saddamize" us all. The UN seems only capable of talking and making meaningless resolutions that very few of the countries will even have a thought about enforcing. Doesn't this remind you of all those New Year's resolutions (stop smoking, lose weight, etc.) people make? Maybe the intentions are there, but the will of the United Nations to act is non-existent. Mr. President, now is the time to act. We also need to just get out of the U.N., since it is primarily America's money that keeps it going. The United Nations is basically UN-productive and UN-American.

It will be interesting to see how many Democrats support Saddam's view.

Here is an idea: Take the U.N. building and make it the center of America's new financial district!

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon knows how to make peace. Now, he has Yasser Arafat making news statements urging all Palestinians to stop attacking Israel. Is this because Arafat has seen the light and come to his senses in promoting world peace? Nope, he sees the light because his compound now consists of only one building (or part thereof) and probably has a few holes in it. Also there are Israeli troops with explosives and bulldozers that have leveled all the other buildings in the compound. All this to say nothing of an Israeli flag flying high over what is now left of Yasser's compound. Way to go Sharon! (Local copy of picture and caption)

Mayor Keno Hawker of Mesa, Arizona is proposing to renew the practice of auctioning firearms, which were seized by the police force, to licensed firearms dealers. At the present time, the city has to pay to have these weapons destroyed. Keno says that it is a good way to raise money for the police force, while also providing affordable firearms that law-abiding citizens can purchase through the Federally licensed dealers. Anytime anyone mentions "affordable firearms" the gun-grabbers go ballistic and invent terms like "Saturday Night Specials" and "Junk Guns".

Critics are saying there is a liability issue if these guns get into the hands of criminals. If a criminal buys a car and runs down a crowd of people, is the dealer that sold the car liable? Of course not! Some are also saying that it is unethical to do this. Let's see: The states took all those billions of dollars from the sales of tobacco AND the lawsuits are making a lot more money on the deaths of smokers! I think I'll have a smoke outdoors and ponder this dilemma.

Here is an interesting article that reports on how vulnerable America's food supply is. If you think about it, we have already had vulnerabilities with packaged products being poisoned by crazies. It doesn't take a genius to think of how to screw up a nation's food supply. Look at the deaths in China from a mad man putting rat poison in food sold to the public. The real interesting fact stated in the article is this quote: "Only government officials can read the excluded details". With all the leaks from Congress, letting all of them read the report is like printing it up and mailing it to al-Qaida.

Two FAT teens have now joined in the rush to become millionaires in filing suit against McDonalds. They blame the Happy Meals for their fat. It is really interesting that the attorney, John Banzhaf, who filed the case, is the same one who filed an earlier case against McDonalds, Wendy's and a host of other fast-food places for a FAT man. Where are the parents of these teens? With kids (5'9" and 270 pounds, and 5'3" and 200 pounds) getting this fat, the parents surely knew that this weight was unhealthy. This suit should be dismissed and the judge should put the parents in jail for child abuse in letting their kids get this FAT.

09/19/2002 Illinois has reported 21 deaths from the West Nile virus. Reportedly, this is the worst area in the United States. Well, we have only the wacko environmentalists to blame. I do not mean people who care about our environment; no one, no matter how much they support "big bad business" wants to drink polluted water or breathe polluted air. I mean the anti-capitalistic pro-socialistic and pro-communistic people that have turned to promoting their veiled agendas under the Environmental Movement. They are to blame for the millions of deaths from mosquito-related diseases.

There is a solution, and I proudly present it here.

Bring back the Mosquito Man! The Mosquito Man? Yes, the Mosquito Man! Growing up in Eastern Pennsylvania, all the kids (myself included) waited for the Mosquito Man to drive through town with his marvelous, noisy truck. Spewing from the back of the truck was a dense white cloud of DDT. As soon as the sound of the truck was within earshot, a large group of us would hop on our bikes and follow the truck for miles. It was fun and kept us out of trouble for at least a few hours. Peddling through this thick bright-white cloud was fun and the smell was neat at the time. Except for a few occasional cuts and bruises from not seeing where we were going and running into one another, no harm came to any of us. We did this every year since I can remember until we all got involved in other things in high school - a good 8 to 10 years.

DDT was later "linked" to all sorts of ills in animals and humans by "scientists" with their "impartial scientific methods". We now know many of these scientists have their lifestyles fully supported by loads of funding for their projects. What would have happened if their funded project to find out if DDT was harmful actually showed that there were no ill effects? They would have solved the problem and no additional money for examination of DDT's effects would be collected. However, if they skewed and manufactured data to show the possibility of danger, they could get funding year-after-year to keep the study going. Guess what happened? Right!

Now, back to the Mosquito Man. The scientists had living human experiments with DDT right under their noses! Why didn't any of the scientists examine any of us to see what ills we developed? The answer is that we didn't develop any, not even a second head or extra finger. We certainly didn't die from DDT poisoning, however millions of people worldwide HAVE died from the DDT ban in the form of malaria, West Nile virus, and other diseases carried by mosquitoes.

So bring back the Mosquito Man. It may even lower the crime rate by giving kids something to do during the summer!

Saddam Hussein, by way of his Foreign Minister Naji Sabri, told the United Nations that Iraq did not have any biological, chemical or nuclear weapons. We have heard this before - even when he was killing his country's own citizens with chemical weapons. Sadman, er... Saddam has lied to the UN for the last 15 years, so how can anyone believe him now? A mention that the United States just wants to control the mid-east oil market is also bogus. We would have taken control of the oil fields when we were over there in Desert Storm.

We have an interesting anniversary today: the smiley face ":-)" was invented by Scott Fahlman as he included it in an on-line message in 1982. Happy 20th!

09/18/2002 Scott Ritter, a UN weapons inspector forced out of Iraq in 1998, recently spent a day in front of the Iraqi parliament criticizing President Bush’s policies. He claimed that Saddam is not a threat to America. When he was thrown out of Iraq, he bitterly complained that President Clinton and the United Nations did not do enough in insisting all of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction were destroyed. Why the change of heart? I believe it has to do with $400,000 financing on a film he is making portraying Iraq as a country that is not evil.

A work of art entitled "Tumbling Woman" on display in Rockefeller Center was covered up and removed. The statue showing a nude woman tumbling is a reminder of and a tribute to all the people that jumped from the WTC to spare them the fate of being burned alive. A few people complained that the statue was disturbing. What is really disturbing is the center caving in to a few complaints. This sculpture is a hell of a lot better than a sterile wall with a list of names. Of course it is disturbing; 9/11 was disturbing! We should remember and feel anger towards the people who caused such a catastrophe, and NEVER forget. We should do all in our power to make sure this does not happen again, and if it does, we should bring the perpetrators to justice. Speaking of art, if a Christian symbol can be covered in elephant dung and be put on public display as "art", then anything should be allowed.

A tumbling woman of "another" type, Rosie O'Donnell, is quitting her namesake magazine because it no longer is based on her "vision and ideas." Evidently the publishers know that very few people want to buy a magazine that expresses Rosie's Socialistic thoughts. Let's see, K-Mart tumbled down after Rosie started to be a spokesperson for them. What's next?

09/17/2002 An investigation into the possible intelligence failures prior to 9/11/2001 has not found any evidence that would lead to predicting the location or timing of the attacks. The report did mention that the intelligence agencies did have information about the possibility of using planes as weapons. Well, fiction writers came up with that idea years ago! What's new about that?

09/16/2002 Rush Limbaugh publicized the following story in the Buffalo News. It seems that all the suspected members of the al-Qaida cell busted in New York are registered Democrats! To Quote from the article: "Friends and family describe the five men in 'all-American' terms, people who work, go to school, care for their families and enjoy a good game of soccer." I see a new bumper sticker:

"The Democratic Party - Choice of al-Qaida Cells"

Another delay tactic is being played by Iraq. They "granted" access to UN inspectors with no restrictions. I sure don't believe that. Just look at what has happened over the last 10 years; delays, delays, delays. The UN isn't going to perform a no-holds-barred enforcement. Attention Mr. President Bush - Let's Roll!

09/12/2002 China restored access to the Google web search engine. It seems that businesses complained so much, that the Communist government recanted it's previous decision on blocking the site due to Google's searched pointing to "subversive" web sites. It looks like China is letting Capitalism get a small foothold!

09/11/2002 Now it is one year later. Some of our prayers have already been answered. We now need to remain vigilant and neutralize those who try to destroy us - both from without and within.

How am I going to spend 9/11/2002? The mourning period is well over. I will just work as hard as I can at my job, adding my little piece to help improve the economy. That is what the evil ones wanted to kill.

Do we have an omen or was it fixed? The winning numbers for the New York Lottery drawn on September 11, 2002 were 9-1-1.

How many millions of dollars were lost on overreaction in shutting down airports, turning back planes over stupidity? A plane was forced to land when a passenger was "observer" with what "may" have been a weapon. It turned out to be a plastic pocket comb! There were Sky Marshals on that flight. Couldn't one of them just ask the "suspicious person" what he had in his pocket? What was the cost of the two fighter jets and the lost revenue from that flight?

More junk science from the European Union: People are allergic to the new one- and two-euro coins. When these coins are taped to a person's skin for 48 to 72 hours, skin reactions occur. It appears that the nickel content is "too high". I wonder how much they wasted on this study. I have a simple solution: don't tape the coins to your skin!

Florida is at it again with voting problems. Now people were unable to cast their votes because the touch-screen computers didn't work at many of the poling places. Some poll workers were not made aware that they had to turn the machines on! How difficult is that to figure out? It shows us what caliber of people they are getting to work at the polls. Several polling places opened hours late because the workers didn't show up! In other polling centers that did not have the touch-screens, overly thin ballots were being torn and shredded by the scanning machines. Needless to say, Janet Reno is probably going to take the recounts to court after losing the Democratic primary to Bill McBride, who is new to the political world. I think a dog could have beaten Reno after her "stellar" performance as United States Attorney General. Maybe we should just declare Florida a U.S. possession and outlaw voting, since they can't seem to get it right.

Armed Stinger surface-to-air missiles were touring around Washington in the wake of increased terrorist threats. This looks like something I'd like to drive everyday to fight through the traffic congestion. One could have a massive case of road rage with this nice accessory!

No news is not necessarily good news. The Coast Guard will not release any details of a ship's cargo or crew nationality. A Liberian-registered container ship was emitting "unexplained" amounts of radiation and was taken back out to sea for further investigation. Here is a good question: If the ship really has an atomic bomb on board, will the American public ever be informed about it? We will have to wait and see.

09/10/2002 I woke up, turned on the news, made coffee and sat down with a cigarette to start the day off. Half an hour later I would not be able to tell you what that news was, but it seemed important at that time. I was shocked by a news alert that a plane had crashed into the WTC. From this point on, prayer was the order of the day. I wondered when helicopters would arrive to rescue people from the roof. I saw a plane hit the other tower; in my mind this was now an orchestrated attack on America. (The Pentagon and a plane downed in Pennsylvania confirmed this.) People were forced to choose between being burned alive or jumping - many taking the second. I thanked God that none of the decisions in my life were even close in difficulty to those. America waited on pins and needles for more when the unthinkable happened: one tower collapsed followed by the other. Many martyrs and heroes were made that day. America united.

We have prayed for the salvation of those souls that were lost that day. We have also prayed for justice to be brought upon the evil ones.

A look on not-so-far-away history showed that B.J. Billy (Nero) Clinton was being fiddled as the U.S.S. Cole burned. The same when the WTC was bombed, but survived.

Why did it take such a horror created by evil minds to bring America around to its senses? More importantly, why is not America still united? Why are some liberals now defending the very monsters that started and supported this?

The next six years will be the most important timeframe for us to save America. We will need to elect people who will stand up for America and damn what the Socialist nations think. They are only after our wealth, which is stupid - they could easily adopt capitalism and create great economies. We also need to get some levelheaded judges to fill all the vacancies that the liberals are refusing to allow to be filled or we will forever have all the courts just as useless as the 9th Circus Court of Appeals.

I thank God for the strength shown by President Bush and his administration.

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