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10/30/2002 Has anyone watched the Wellstone "memorial service" last night? Disgraceful, despicable, downright rotten to the core! Rick Kahn even went to the extreme of asking the Republicans (that showed up to pay their respects) to abandon their campaigns and help elect Democrats they way "Wellstone would have wanted." The whole ceremony was nothing but a political rally with loud chanting. Trent Lott was booed when he entered and Walt Mondale was loudly cheered. Jesse Ventura left in the middle of Kahn's politicking. And the Democrats had the nerve to criticize the Republicans for trying play politics during this somber time!

The DemocRATS may have to pay for pissing Governor Ventura off. He was going to replace Wellstone with another Democrat until the winner of this race is sworn in next year. Now he is contemplating placing an Independent there instead. Let's see... 49 Democrats, 2 Independents and 49 Republicans.. looks like the Republicans may gain control of the Senate at least until the end of December.

The sniper, John Muhammad, has not only his ex-wife mad at him, but even his real son is supporting the death penalty if his dad is proven guilty!

Rush says it best! About the boat people from Haiti: "Two hundred and fourteen new Democrats arrived in Florida just in time to vote next Tuesday." And Terry McAuliffe may have arranged it! There was news coverage of a pickup truck being loaded with them.

(If the link does not work, go to and sign up for Rush 24/7.)

10/29/2002 As of late, America has been getting all sorts of bad press about most of the world hating us. If we are so bad, why are people still trying to gain admittance? They are coming in by the boatloads! We are doing something right: FREEDOM!

10/28/2002 The M & M's (Muhammad & Malvo) can look forward to another trial, this time in Tacoma, Washington. These serial killers appear to have been tied to yet another murder. Keenya Cook answered her door and was shot point-blank in the face. If these guys don't die for their crimes, something is very, very wrong. These two should be the Pro-Death Penalty Poster Men. The death penalty is NOT about justice. The death penalty is NOT about punishment. The death penalty is NOT about deterrence. The death penalty is to make sure they cannot kill again - ever.

John Allen Muhammad illegally obtained a passport from Antigua in July 2000 by providing fraudulent data to the Antigua government before he came to the United States. He may also be suspect in smuggling illegal immigrants into the U.S.

Louis Farrakhan admits that John Muhammad is a member of his Nation Of Islam, but denies he had anything to do with security.

More and more people are coming to grips about the much-hailed ballistic fingerprinting for firearms.

Here is another article that shows that gun control does not prevent crime.

The book Arming America: The Origins of a National Gun Culture by Professor Michael Bellesiles received rave reviews from the anti-gun groups when it was published about two years ago. He claimed proof positive that gun ownership in early America was rare and cited much data culled from probate documents that "proved" this. Right after the book's release, many researchers, both in the pro-gun and anti-gun arenas, started to doubt his claims. Now it has been proven that he outright lied! He is now going to pay for his lying, as "Robert A. Paul, interim dean of Emory College, announced that Mr. Bellesiles would resign effective Dec. 31 after 14 years at Emory". The charges against him include research misconduct and he has also "had fabricated data for California in cases where the records had been destroyed by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake."

Court documents are being released that show Governor Davis was named in a fraud and racketeering case that has been hidden from public view for over 10 years. Allegations of his involvement bribery scheme are present in the documents. This release has frightened Grayout so much that Davis attorneys have sent a letter to all major TV stations "in California last week warning them not to run any Simon ad based on" these documents. The fact these documents have been kept secret does seem to add to the validity of more recent discoveries that Davis has been using his office to extort, er... I mean solicit donations to his campaign fund.

Speaking of bribery and campaign mis-finance, the South Dakota Education Association/National Education Association union is being asked to provide information on the possible use of union funds to directly support Senator Daschle's political agenda.

Not only can North Korea not be trusted concerning their nuclear weapons program, but evidently, this Evil Communist Nation already has three functional nuclear bombs!

A few days ago I stated, partially tongue in cheek, that Wellington's plane crash may have been linked to his "less that stellar" poll figures. The Democrats either are covering this up or are blaming the Bush administration for this "assassination".

Sensationalism sells newspapers. It also sells causes! Greenpeace is now claiming Shanghai and New York will be underwater by the year 2080. I see they have learned from the past. In the 50's and 60's the far-left socialist environmentalists said that we would be in an ICE AGE if we did not stop using fossil fuel and other "dangerous products". Now, 50 years later, there are people living that actually remember these claims. No one will remember this claim of doom when 2080 rolls around and New York is doing just fine!

10/27/2002 If it were not for the Clinton posture on defense of America we might not have had such a devastating shooting rampage in the Washington D.C. area. After being inbred with a “do not enforce our present laws” attitude of the last liberal presidency, the INS is still thriving in its own liberal stance. Lee Malvo illegally entered the United States from Jamaica via Haiti as a stowaway. In December of 2001, he was arrested by boarder patrol agents and turned over to the INS. The law states that stowaways are to be immediately detained and deported without a hearing. The INS, being a liberal bastion of helping the downtrodden, released him instead of enforcing the laws they have sworn to uphold. They really screwed the pooch on this one, especially since Lee’s nickname in high school was “Sniper”. We need to either disband the INS, or go in and clean house by firing (or maybe deporting if there are illegal aliens present) everyone who refused to enforce the laws.

Senator Wellstone has not yet been buried and the Democrat Ton Daschle already has former Veep Walter Mondale accepting the place on the ballot (even when Walt said he would withhold any action until after the funeral). Daschle even had Wellstone’s son David make the presentation to Mondale. I thought liberals “felt your pain”. So much for their sensitivity during this trying time for the surviving members of Wellstone’s family.

10/25/2002 Despite all the media coverage of the sniper shootings and all the liberal gun grabber rhetoric demanding more gun laws, most Americans believe that more restrictions and laws would not prevent such despicable acts. It is interesting that liberals are more than twice as likely to believe the anti-gun lies (21%) than conservatives (just 9%). Just 14% of the polled individuals thought that more restrictions on our Second Amendment rights could have prevented these murders. A similar percentage of Americans also believe in the tooth fairy and little green men. See the Fox Poll.

A tragic plane crash may cause a change in the power structure of the U.S. Senate. Long time far left wing liberal Senator Paul Wellstone was killed in a plane crash along with his wife and one of his daughters. Be on the lookout for the Democratic lawyers to try and find a way to preempt the Minnesota election laws as they did in New Jersey. Since this race was going to be a very close one, conspiracy fans will have something to chew on: Since Wellstone’s polls were not stellar, could someone have planned to have him replaced?

Out here on the Left Coast (in California for those of you who hate geography), Representative Nancy Pelosi, a far-left Democrat with, in my opinion, Socialist political views, supported the “campaign finance” law. She may be accused of a possible election finance law violations by creating two Political Action Committees to donate to the same candidates and also accept maximum donations from individuals. This effectively lets individuals donate $10,000 to each candidate exceeding the $5,000 limit! For someone who believes in “fair election financing”, she certainly is a hypocrite. If you take an honest look at all the illegal and shady election law violations, the Democrat electorate and lawyers seem to believe the laws just don’t apply to them!

Should we try and trust the Communists again? North Korea is trying to establish a new “no aggression” treaty with the United States. In 1994, the United States and Korea signed an accord that no nuclear weapons development would take place. North Korea has just admitted (only because they were caught) that they had not stopped, but in fact increased, their nuclear weapons program. Trusting these Commies is like thinking that Iraq’s Saddam will now obey the United Nations: Big Fat Chance!

Being shot by your dog is embarrassing. Michael Murray set a loaded shotgun on the ground and got shot when his English setter puppy stepped on it. An unattended loaded shotgun, safety off, pointing in a direction that is not safe - I believe this was a recipe for disaster. Stupid actions like this are one of the reasons gun control advocates use to push their agenda. Maybe we should pass a law that makes stupidity a crime. Thank God no one was killed.

Speaking of dogs, Tom Brokaw should have a muzzle put on him. As we now know, the east coast sniper used a Bushmaster rifle. Rush Limbaugh reports that on the Thursday NBC Nightly News, Brokaw made the comment that Bushmaster Firearms, Inc. contributed to President Bush's presidential campaign. After such a display of liberalism and partisanship, no one with half a mind can say the news media isn't biased!

And speaking of Rush: I was watching Pyramid, a TV show that gives a topic and then a celebrity gives hints to a contestant. The topic was something about what programs you might hear on the radio. The word to guess was "TALK" radio. The celebrity (I forget who) first said "NPR" (naturally first choice for a liberal) and the contestant did not guess correctly. The celebrity then said "Rush Limbaugh"! This shows that even in a liberal celebrity's mind, Rush Limbaugh is the top in Talk Radio!

10/24/2002 They have been caught red-handed with a rifle that has been linked with most of the shootings. Let's hope they get tried in Virginia first, as Virginia has the death penalty. It will be a long time before all the facts and relationships come to be known. John Muhammad worked as a security guard for Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam. See the original article Rush Limbaugh commented on.

10/23/2002 I am going out on a limb here by offering a SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess): Recently, there has been news reports that some of the suspected terrorists in Gitmo may be released because our government thinks some of them are no longer a threat. Tonight, John Allen Muhammad had a warrant issued for his arrest on Federal gun charges, supposedly not related to the sniper case. The sniper(s) is/are requesting $10 Million among other things.

All these things might (this is the SWAG part) ALL be related. A last adopted name of Muhammad and Gitmo? Could the Sniper(s) have asked to release the terrorists that we have been holding at our base in Cuba?

Let’s offer $10 million to the person who first kills this/these sniper(s), even if it is a law enforcement officer.

10/22/2002 A corrected version of the van with an NRA sticker has changed: Fox News is now reporting: “The white van, which had 30-day Virginia tags and a small Marine Corps sticker on the back window, had been idling beside the pay phone in suburban Richmond for some time, said David Dunham, a mechanic at a nearby car dealership.”

Interesting that the story has the same url as a previous one, so they must have reworked the story.

10/21/2002 Reports of a van and two people arrested in the Ashland sniper shooting had a witness saying there was an NRA sticker on the van in addition to a Bush/Cheney sticker. Looks like the media is trying to tie the NRA to these shootings.

“The witness said he saw a National Rifle Association bumper sticker on the van, and a dealer nameplate from a "Three Amigos Auto Sales." The van also had Bush/Cheney and POW/MIA bumper stickers.

Television camera close-ups showed what appeared to be a Mexican flag sticker in the bottom left corner of the van's rear window.”

We can see Australia is much safer now that they have outlawed and confiscated all firearms. At Monash University in Melbourne, a man walked into a classroom, killed two people and wounded 8 more. He had “several handguns” with him. Some people (described as “brave souls”) evidently jumped they guy and took the guns away from him. If people at the school had guns, these killings could have possible been prevented.

10/18/2002 Ballistic fingerprinting is being pushed by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (formerly Handgun Control, Inc.) and Senator Charles Schumer of New York. It is interesting that not one case has been solved by the ballistic fingerprinting in either New York or Maryland (that require such fingerprinting since January of 2000). A report by California state ballistics experts stated that ‘"Automated computer matching systems do not provide conclusive results" requiring that "potential candidates be manually reviewed," said the experts.’ In other words, it does not work. Imagine a Federal database of 100,000,000 gun fingerprints and a match failure rate of 62% would mean 62 million law-abiding gun owners could possibly be a “suspect” in any firearms crime!

10/15/2002 President Bush is not buying into the lies that the socialistic gun-grabbers are trying to sell to the American public. We all know ballistic fingerprinting only works when the comparisons are recent. The fingerprint will change over time or you can change it yourself (see an earlier SoapBox article on how to do it). More importantly, a national database of ballistic fingerprints would also include names and locations of all gun owners which is in clear violation of America’s Constitution! God Bless You, Mr. President!

Iraqis voters are expected to “elect” Saddam Hussein again. It should be really interesting that this murderer of his own people would be elected, but it is not when you have only one candidate to vote for. Here are some headlines from the news:

Landslide expected in Saddam poll

Election all but assured for Saddam

Considering a “no” vote could get you killed, it is surprising that anyone would even try to. Even more surprising are these headlines – well maybe not considering it is CNN!

It appears that Saddam has taken some campaign methods from the Democrats. (Didn’t some of them recently visit him?) Here is a quote from a Yahoo news story: “Stuffing ballots into boxes by the fistful, citizens in Saddam Hussein (news - web sites)'s hometown of massive compounds and narrow lanes joined millions of other Iraqis on Tuesday for a vote choreographed as a show of support for their leader.” We know that the Democrats have been stuffing ballot boxes for eons with ballots of dead and non-existent people. Yes, “Stuffing ballots into boxes by the fistful” is a good description.

On a lighter note, it seems like Mexico, our southern neighbor, is tired of crime and is hiring Rudy Giuliani.

10/12/2002 Friday’s tenth sniper shooting has been confirmed to be related to the previous nine. We need to pray the police catch this lunatic and kill them before they murder again, or are set free on parole by some liberal judge if they went to trial. New gun laws or bans will not prevent this type of crime. Is anyone who commits cold-blooded murder going to pay attention to gun laws? Hell no! I think it is time to bring back public hangings or a firing squad to deal with these types of crimes.

A Fox News “You Decide” poll reports today that 61% think the peanut farmer’s prize was the European socialists way of dissing President Bush and his administration. Oh well, from bananas to peanuts the socialists are just full of caca.

From a CNN article: “New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday he will not march in the Columbus Day parade because organizers have refused to let him bring actors from the hit television show ‘The Sopranos.’" At least New York still calls it Columbus Day instead of “Italian Heritage Day” like the Left Coast San Francisco community has done. Whatever happened to traditional holidays?

10/10/2002 Ballistic fingerprinting now comes to the forefront. Maryland has a gun fingerprinting law for handguns and the gun grabbers are trying to make all guns subject to the new law by playing on people’s fears during the recent sniper shootings. They ignore the fact that not one murder has ever been solved by the use of this fingerprinting.

I will let you in on a secret that the anti-second amendment people don’t want you to know: ballistic fingerprinting could actually be used to set a criminal free!

Let us say that this psycho decides it is time to get caught. He/she changes the barrel on their rifle. They then change out the firing pin and the extractor or even take a little emery paper to them. They could also burnish the rifle chamber and let’s not forget to sand the lips of the magazine and the bolt face. They get caught setting up for an attack or just go turn themselves in. When the authorities examine the gun and compare all the ballistic fingerprinting they will not be able to definitely link the gun to the crime. Even firing one or two thousand rounds through the rifle can change the fingerprinting enough to make an exact match impossible. The criminal gets set free because the police will think they are just one of the many kooks that like to confess to high-profile crimes to try and get their 15 minutes of fame.

The Republican National Committee is missing out on a big opportunity! Mike Taylor, who was running against Democrat Senator Max Baucus, is dropping out of the race in Montana. This leaves no Republican opponent other than a blank write-in space on the ballot. The RNC should pull what the Democrats just did in New Jersey and put a better candidate on the ballot. An interesting side note to this race is that the DemocRATS ran a campaign advertisement that leads one to believe that Mike Taylor is a gay hairdresser! Now, if the DemocRATS support the gay lifestyle, why are they gay-bashing? Hmmmm…. Liberals have also gone against the blacks with this same type of plan. Just more bananas.

10/09/2002 When is the general population of America going to see the light? The liberals have constantly proclaimed they are for racial equality and for helping blacks and other minorities better their lives. The do the “proclaiming” part extremely well, but they have done absolutely nothing to achieve this goal. They use the “race card” to inflame and divide America while actively fighting against blacks and minorities in order to keep everyone subservient under “Big Government”. Harry “Banana Boat” Belafonte is evidently trying to make a career comeback by slamming another black that HAS made a successful career for himself. Belafonte was quoted as referring to Colin Powell: "There's an old saying, in the days of slavery, there were those slaves who lived on the plantation and were those slaves that lived in the house…You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master ... exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him.” Banana Boat used everything but the “N” word. Not one word from any of the Democrats has been reported denouncing this kind of conduct, not that any of us would have expected it. If a Republican had said such a thing about a liberal black, the Democrats would be calling for the conservative to be censored.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is trying to raise money by exploiting the recent sniper shooting in the Washington D.C. area and accused the National Rifle Association of murder! Here is a direct quote from an E-mail sent out under Sarah Brady’s name: “Sadly, far too many Americans every year pay the consequences of the NRA's 'polite society' with their lives. Please click here and make a generous donation today to prevent more tragedies like these." Shame on you Sarah!

10/07/2002 I came across an interesting site concerning Gray-out Davis. Let’s FIRE him!

10/06/2002 Out here on the Left Coast, protestors have gathered to protest a possible war with Iraq. The protestors seem to have a common theme: They say Iraq is not doing anything to us and they don’t want us to start an immoral war. Do any of these people read the newspapers or study history? Besides providing support to the terrorists who attacked America Over the last few years, Iraq has used chemical weapons to kill hundred’s of its OWN citizens. I believe these protestors have too much free time on their hands. Why don’t they get JOBS and do something useful?

10/04/2002 The shootings in Maryland are surely the work of a madman (or madwoman). It has been reported that the shooter or shooters are using a .223 assault or hunting rifle. It shouldn’t be too long before the gun grabbers come out and try to capitalize on these killings. If Maryland had must-issue concealed-carry laws maybe someone would have seen the killer or killers and prevented more of this killing. I hope whomever is responsible for these shootings resists arrest and is dispatched to be judged by their Maker! There are rumors that this is the work of some terrorist cell, but we will have to wait and see if that fleshes out.

10/02/2002 The Democrats are at it again. Just when New Jersey’s Senator Robert Torricelli starts falling in the polls, they decide to blatantly ignore the elections law and replace him with former Senator Frank Lautenberg. It is a shame the Republican National Committee is not plastering the airwaves with protests. Remember the election laws that the liberals ignored in Florida. How soon some people forget.

10/03/2002 The worlds funniest joke is about a hunter:

10/01/2002 Does the truth finally come out about the “uranium” found in a Turkish cab? Now they are saying that the substance is harmless chemicals. If this is true, why was the container stored in a hidden compartment in the cab? Sadly, we may never know what exactly happened here.

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