Soap Box Archives - December 2002


12/20/2002 Christians celebrate Christmas as a celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. God-fearing Christians founded America. The Christian ethic is reason America has become a great freedom-loving nation. This is also why Christmas is a national holiday. If some Americans and immigrants do not like to celebrate Christmas, then they do not have to. It will be interesting to see how many liberal government workers work on Christmas and not celebrate. Will some of them just use it as an excuse to get paid for a day not worked?

12/19/2002 The Transportation Security Administration is warning passengers not to pack chocolate or cheese in their luggage, since the detection equipment at airports may give a false positive for explosives. I guess terrorists can just hide the plastic explosive in a big chunk of Velveeta cheese!

The TSA is also warning passengers not to lock their baggage, since screeners will break open the locks, which is just about guaranteed to permanently damage your luggage, and they will not be liable for any damages. This is great news for the few dishonest screeners and baggage handlers that are still working for the airlines – their jobs will now provide additional sources of income, courtesy of the TSA. We could breath a little easier, as reports of stealing and missing items will be jointly handled by the airlines and the TSA.

We all have read or heard how schools in America are throwing out competitive sports and games because the children will have low self-esteem if they lose. Over in socialist England, the British Medical Journal reports heart attacks increased 25% when an English team loses due to penalty shoot outs. I have a solution for the Brits: teach your children to excel in competitive situations, obey the rules (less penalties) and go for the gusto to win. That way when they grow up, these heart attacks brought on by the stress of competition will be reduced.

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed graduated in 1986 with a Mechanical Engineering degree from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. He also studied thermodynamics. This education enabled him to mastermind the World Trade Center attacks 15 years later. Everyone who knew him during his scholastic days never observed even a trace of anti-Americanism. Perish the thought that he would be discovered before he finished his education. Professor David Klett, who taught Khalid, said they covered “the fundamentals of jet engines and propulsion and chemical reactions, combustion reaction ... and those things would have been necessary for them to at least consider when they planned the World Trade Center attack with the airplanes."

12/18/2002 The liberals have been riding heard on Senator Trent Lott's "racist" remarks during a birthday celebration. I think it is time to put pressure on those in Congress to clean up their own house. Senator Robert Byrd, a DemocRAT from West Virginia:

  • Senator Robert Byrd was a Grand Kleagle in the Ku Klux Klan! This was not just a few misguided words taken out of context, but Senator Byrd was a recruiter for the Klan.
  • Senator Robert Byrd has referred to blacks as "race mongrels".
  • In 1964 Senator Robert Byrd filibustered for 14 hours against the Civil Rights Act.
  • Senator Robert Byrd used the word "niggers" twice in a Fox Television interview in 2001.

Why have we not heard any denouncement or a call for Byrd to resign from the Senate? Why have we not heard from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Senator Clinton on these issues? It is because Racism, Philandering, and other acts are perfectly OK to practice if you are a DemocRAT.

12/17/2002 The liberals have always advocated keeping the general populace of America under their control via socialized programs and “entitlements”. The Constitution guarantees all American Citizens the right to the pursuit of happiness and the only entitlements guaranteed are the God given rights mentioned. We all know that socialism has failed over and over again. Socialized medicine, promoted by Hillary Clinton and other liberal socialists in our houses of government, is another failure waiting to destroy the American way of life and waste taxpayers’ money. They constantly refer to Canada as a perfect example of such a program. We should note that there are increasing numbers of Canadian citizens that are flocking to the United States to receive better medical treatment and are paying for the services with their own funds. Now we know why: A foot-long stainless steel medical retractor was left inside a woman’s abdomen after such socialists treated her. She had complained about the pain after surgery, but had been ignored by Canada’s socialist doctors, who evidently had no reason to “feel her pain”. It was only after she set off metal detectors at an airport security station that anyone paid attention. We need to get all the socialists in liberal’s clothing out of our government.

A jury acquitted Dontee Stokes of attempted murder, reckless endangerment and assault charges when he shot a priest that he accused of molesting him when he was an alter boy. Dontee was, however, convicted of gun charges that could have sent him to prison. Now a liberal judge is throwing out the gun charges. No wonder kids who read the news think they can get away with shooting someone.

12/12/2002 Back on the Left Coast, Santa Cruz, California officials are deputizing marijuana growers in attempt to shield them from Federal law enforcement. If my memory serves me well, deputies have to uphold the laws of not only the state, but also Federal laws. Let's see if these growers arrest themselves on Federal charges of manufacturing and distribution of controlled substances.

With the "oil war" pending in Iraq, it looks like there is a Great Oil Company Conspiracy right here in America. Gasoline prices fell to the lowest level in eight months! We should sue Big Bad Oil for conspiring to bring down the prices.

Speaking of good purchasing deals, "Iraq has bought more than 3.5 million vials of atropine since 1996 even though the drug can be used to protect against nerve gas attacks, U.N. officials said on Thursday." This story on Yahoo news, should have mentioned WHO approved the sale. Clinton started selling this since 1996. It is just now being caught! Whole bunches of people have been asleep at the wheel.

PETA is out complaining again with another lawsuit: The "Happy Cow" advertisements for California. Throughout the 2-year TV campaign, I have seen the California Cows talk, laugh and make fun of other animals like a rooster and a cow that moved in from out of state. They have even talked about "cow tipping". PETA proclaims that it is false advertising and misleads consumers. I now ask you to help the California dairy industry. Tell as many dairy "consumers" the following little secret: COWS CAN'T TALK! We have to educate the dumb consumers for their own good!

12/10/2002 This is real interesting: Protesters all over America today, which is International Human Rights Day, demonstrated against the United States going to war against Iraq. They should be protesting the horrendous torture of Saddam's own people instead. In the not to distant past he has gassed his own subjects, and recently his government is beheading women in the streets who either spoke out against government policies or were just accused of doing so; no hearing other than all the women being forced into the streets to watch one of their own sex get the sword.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a lower court ruling that the Federal death penalty is unconstitutional. For a change, we are now getting a few good court rulings.

12/07/2002 It looks like Saddam is trying to sweet-talk his neighbors into being friends. He apologized to Kuwait for invading them in 1990. Nothing like being twelve years late. It looks to me that he is just saying confession before kissing his own ass goodbye. Among this mea culpa, Saddam complains that the Kuwaitis are producing too much oil and are damaging Iraq's economy. Maybe Iraq needs a healthy infusion of Capitalism.

12/06/2002 The Ninth Circus Court of Appeals in San Francisco has gone off the deep end again. They have ruled that the Second Amendment does not have anything to do with the individual’s right to bear arms. This is not the first ruling of this Zoo that will be overturned, nor will it be the last. Maybe these judges should study some history and read The Federalist Papers.

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