Soap Box Archives - April 2003

04/19/2003 Seven American soldiers were returned to their families today. It is a proud day to be an American. God Bless all the people who made it possible for them to be freed from their captors.

CNN, the Communist News Network slaps Americas face again. They posted a poll:

What was this weeks top news story?

The New Iraq

SARS Spread

Sights On Syria

The Laci Peterson case

WHERE is the POW rescue story? After covering up the Sadam's atrocities in Iraq to "keep a presence" their they have the nerve to do this!

I am proud to be an American.

America just liberated 25 million people from a regime that killed over one million of its subjects.

They can now be citizens of Iraq.

04/18/2003 DNA test results show that the bodies recovered are indeed Laci Peterson and her son. Scott Peterson now in jail and soon to be charged with two counts of capital murder. Laci and her son did indeed rise from their watery grave to nail that son of a bitch! Let's hope that some liberal jury dosen't find he had a hard childhood. I wish we still had the gas chamber out here on the Left Coast. Just going to sleep is not justice.

04/15/2003 I just sent in my tax return and realized the government kept over 35% of my income. The American Revolution was fought over a 3% tax. Are we due for a revolution against Liberals who tax and spend? It seems like the revolution should be at least 10 times the size.

The DemocRATS are now blaming President Bush because he brought down the Sadam regime and the newly-made citizens (not subjects) of Iraq are looting government buildings. Didn't they say the looting of the LA riots was "understandable" and no one should be arrested for it?

04/13/2003 Seven American POWS were rescued today! Thank God!

04/02/2003 Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch was rescued by special forces today. Thank God!

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