Soap Box Archives - November 2003

11/27/2003 President Bush's surprise visit to have Thanksgiving dinner with some of our troops was so fantastic that ol' Wolf on CNN was visibly aggravated when he reported it. Of course, the story coverage turned to how the trip was pulled off, rather than the trip itself. Even more news of the absurd: CNN even tried to play up Junior Senator Hillary’s trip to Afghanistan and failed - there is absolutely no comparison there.

Take time and thank God for all the things for which you are grateful.

Do not forget your freedom and those who are preserving it.

"Thanks for inviting me to dinner!"

Here is an example of a REAL leaders actions when he really cares about our troops. President Bush paid a surprise visit to some of our troops in Iraq to serve them dinner.

"You are defending the American people from danger and we are grateful."

Thanks for inviting me to lunch!

Proclamation by President Bush: Thanksgiving Day, 2003

11/25/2003 There are a lot of people that are bad-mouthing America and trying to destroy the freedom, people and businesses that have made this country great. If they are intent on destroying our country and culture, and turning it into a socialistic state, why don't they move to a country that agrees with their opinions? If this country is so 'bad' why are there record numbers (both legal and illegal) of people coming to America? The answer is Freedom. Between 2000 and 2002 an average of 1.4 million people a year came into this country.

The liberals have been saying all along that the only way for the economy to improve it to raise taxes. They were wrong 19 years ago when Ronald Reagan cut taxes and the economy improved. It took the liberals 17 years to purposely bring the economy back down by overspending and tax increases. When President Bush pushed his tax cut through, the liberals said it would destroy the economy. Well, they were wrong again: the third quarter GDP growth was 8.2%!

11/24/2003 Another Teachers Union has been ripped off for $3.5 million by corrupt union bosses. the United Teachers of Dade president Pasquale Tornillo Jr. has negotiated a plea bargain that gives him 27 months in prison and $800,000 restitution for using the union funds to live high on the hog. He does not have to name the others that are also corrupt. Just a slap on the wrist...

Don't have a gun, go to jail? Well you will not go to jail, but you will be fined $10.00. The law-abiding citizens of Geuda Springs, Kansas are now required to have a gun and ammunition. Councilman John Brewer stated "This ordinance fulfills the duty to protect by allowing each individual householder to provide for his or her protection."

11/21/2003 The Ninth Circus of Appeals has made another stupid ruling. It is allowing people to sue the gun manufacturers and distributors because some idiot shot and killed someone. Buford Furrow went out to "kill Jews" at the North Valley Jewish Community Center in Grenada Hills, California, Left Coast and shot a postal worker instead. If Furrow had beat the postal worker do death with a baseball bat, would this court have allowed the victims to go after the bat manufacturer and the sports shop that sold the bat? Furrow was convicted and is currently serving a life sentence without the possibly of parole; at least until some liberal judge feels this killers pain and decides to let him go.

11/17/2003 One down and one to go! John Allen Muhammad received the death sentence for his part in the shooting spree. To bad he was not shot and killed when trying to escape. It would have saved the taxpayers a lot of money.

11/05/2003 The DemocRATS will use anything to try and gain back power. They were caught planning how to use pre-war confidential information from the Senate Intelligence Committee against President Bush. The memo written by a Democrat staff member of the Senate Intelligence Committee was retrieved from the trash.

11/03/2003 Rosie O'Donnell, a self-admitted lesbian, felt "uncomfortable" with a cover photo showing her arms around Lorraine Bracco and Edie Falco from the Sopranos. The photo never made it to print, but it may have started the war between Rosie and her magazine publisher.

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