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"The tyrant will soon be gone."

President Bush - March 17, 2003

"Yesterday.... United States military forces captured Saddam Hussein alive."

President Bush - December 14, 2003

Close to 9 months - one heck of a baby!

President Bush Addresses Nation on the Capture of Saddam Hussein

Saddam, the Head Rat Captured!

Congratulations to our fine troops that have made this possible!

Say ah! I think they are looking in the wrong end.

12/14/2003 It was a pleasant surprise waking up this morning and seeing Iraqi people out in the streets celebrating Saddam's capture. I am thankful that we have such brave troops that have made this possible. God bless them!

12/12/2003 The United Nations Wimps Out! It is not surprising that the UN may be withdrawing from Afghanistan. They are complaining about unsafe conditions. If Afghanistan were a totally safe place there would be no reason for the UN to be there.

12/11/2003 We must stand up and fight the latest drain on our taxpayer dollars. Millions of Mexican citizens have committed a Federal felony by entering the United States without going through the lawful immigration process. Congress is looking at giving these felons a permanent retirement by allowing them to get Social Security. Please write, fax and call your representatives in Washington know that this is a slap in the face to ALL immigrants who have gone through the trouble of applying and coming to America legally!

12/10/2003 Amanda Hamm and her boyfriend, Maurice Lagrone Jr., were arrested and charged with drowning her three children by strapping them in and letting their car go down a boat ramp. I thing the Million Mom March organization needs to concentrate more on spreading family values and good parenting instead of trying to ban guns. Would preventing parents from owning cars and driving their children down boat ramps have prevented this senseless act?

12/08/2003 The following came to me through an email and I am posting it here. I did not verify it's authenticity, but it gets the point across. Pearl Harbor day, the day that "will live in infamy" is the second largest attack upon the United States. The September 11th attack is the largest.

From a Marine serving in Iraq:

The proud warriors of Baker Company wanted to do something to pay tribute To our fallen comrades. So since we are part of the only Marine Infantry Battalion left in Iraq the one way that we could think of doing that is By taking a picture of Baker Company saying the way we feel. It would be awesome if you could find a way to share this with our fellow countrymen. I was wondering if there was any way to get this into your papers to let the world know that "WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN" and are proud to serve our country." Semper Fi

1stSgt Dave Jobe

In Loving Memory

Adam Michael Roberts

21 Aug 76 - 2 May 03

Over 60,000 Iraqi citizens just in Baghdad have been executed by Saddam's government.

Saddam DID have Weapons of Mass Destruction! Lt. Col. al-Dabbagh came out into the open from behind British secrecy to publicly admit he is the source of the WMD warning that the liberals have been taunting President Bush for using. The liberals will be eating some crow!

12/03/2003 Reno U. Maiava had just been released from the Washington State Department of Corrections' Special Needs Unit last month. Air marshals arrested him when he became disruptive and ran towards the cockpit. Interestingly, three air marshals were put on the flight because Washington State officials thought that he may be a danger to passengers. If the Department of Corrections knew this person was so unstable they should not have released him. This is further proof that criminals can play the system and get released by having some liberal "feel his pain" and obtain a "Get Out of Jail Free" card.

12/03/2003 Amnesty International was strangely silent during all the years when Saddam was torturing and killing his own subjects. They did not cry out against Iraq when Sadam's son was feeding people feet-first into industrial plastic shredders so he could hear them scream. Yet they are criticizing the Bush Administration for allowing Smith & Wesson to sell 10,000 leg-irons to Saudi Arabia. Leg-irons are used all over the world on criminals when transporting them between facilities, but Amnesty International is worried that they may be misused to torture people. One can readily see the anti-American agenda that Amnesty International has been touting.

The gun grabbers are fond of spouting all the statistics of children that are killed each year by firearms. They say that the deaths would be eliminated if there were no more guns. Recently, Rodney Michael Reaves and Charlott Lynett Reaves beat their 11 year-old daughter to death with an umbrella after torturing her. These criminals deserve to suffer the same fate as they gave their daughter, although the courts will probably not impose the ultimate penalty. Would this death have been prevented if umbrellas were made illegal?

12/01/2003 Here's an interesting bit of information that you don't hear much about in the NY Times:

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