Soap Box Archives - March 2004

03/31/2004 George Soros, the rich Socialist and Bush-hater received some of what is due him. He was attacked in the Ukraine. I can’t say that I disagree with the attackers.

03/24/2004 The liberal press did not give much coverage to the study that showed nearly half of the Shiite Muslims reported the following: they or a member of their family had been tortured, killed, had pieces of their anatomy amputated or other atrocities performed on them between 1991 and the day Saddam’s tyrannical rein was destroyed by Untied States soldiers. A group called the Physicians for Human Rights performed the study.

03/23/2004 San Francisco, the left coast (even further-left-liberal) city by the bay often complains about the lack on money, the “bad” economy, the business slump and the high unemployment rate. Why are they now trying to shut out businesses and prevent other businesses from growing? The bunch of crazy liberals that run the city are really falling over the edge in preventing the creation of jobs for many unemployed residents. Maybe they want to try and keep their economy in a slump so they can blame President Bush for the lack of jobs.

03/22/2004 Gun Control E.U. Style: The liberals in Ireland are trying to insist that President Bush disarm his Secret Service agents when he visits their country. Let’s look at this a little more closely: Ireland has had its share of bombings, shootings and other political murders over many years and they expect our President not to be protected? They must be out of their mind! I wonder if they would change their tune if we stopped all the U.S. aid (read MONEY) from being given (by the U.S. taxpayer) to them. Since the E.U. is so anti-American, maybe we should stop all aid and give that money back to the U.S. taxpayer.

03/18/2004 Talk about frivolous lawsuits by the anti-gun groups: The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence/Million Mom March are planning to file a lawsuit against the BAFT for allowing assault weapons from being repaired! It is also interesting that the title of the article is a bit inflated: "2 groups plan suit on ban of assault weapons". We all know that the Brady bunch and the MMM are now the same group.

03/16/2004 With all the "creeps in the streets" claiming the Iraqis were living better under Sadam, a poll of the Iraqis themselves shows around 60% feel they are much better off. The other 40% were probably Sadam supporters. Now that the rape rooms and torture chambers are shut down, who wouldn't feel better?

03/15/2004 If the teachers can't qualify, then lower the standards - we are doing that with the students!

03/11/2004 A man wearing nothing but a shirt was caught with a pony. I'll leave your imagination to fill in the details. He was released after being arrested because no law was broken. Now the politicians in Amsterdam want to pass a law making bestiality illegal. Maybe we should pass that law here in California before someone wants to marry his or her dog.