Soap Box Archives - April 2004

04/27/2004 Headline: Bill Clinton’s Stash Found! This was not the headline, but I whimsically interpreted the following real headline: “White Powder Found in Bill Clinton's Mail”. Cocaine, maybe? Probably not, but a vial of white powder was found in a package that was delivered to Clinton’s office in Harlem. Initial testing did not detect anthrax, and a secret service agent was checked out at a hospital. I hope they catch the perp that did this and maybe he/she would get shot dead while resisting arrest to save the taxpayers the expense of a trial and a hundred-year prison sentence. Even though Clinton is very high on my list of Socialists to dislike, we MUST protect the Office Of The President Of The United States at all costs. No one should be able to threaten The Office and get away with it.

An afterthought: Maybe we should arrest B.J. Billy and charge him for destroying government property (the stained Oval Office rug).

04/26/2004 This site was down for a day due to moving between hosting locations. I apologize for any inconvenience.

04/21/2004 The anti-gun bias in the news is well known. Fox usually provides "Fair and Balanced" reporting, but even they have gone, at least temporarily, to the other side in an article with Post wire services. The title "Illegal Arms Shipment Seized En Route to U.S." contains some blatant attempts to mislead people. Unfortunately, the small anti-gun segment of our society still has a stronghold on the majority of the press.

"The ship's deadly hoard of more than 7,500 terrorist-grade rifles and machine guns...." statement starts the second paragraph. Later on in the article the ".... arms had been described on some of the forms as "common guns" instead of assault-style." adds to the bias. Further on in the article, we find out that "The AK-47s had been tampered with so they couldn't be rapidly fired..." and "The weapons' bayonets were still affixed to them...". And what would a good anti-second amendment writer do next??? They bring up bin Laden, 9/11 and Columbine along with the "... weapon of choice for some infamous military-minded wackos...", and then remind everyone that the A.W. ban expires in September. When have terrorists considered buying modified "assault weapons" when they can readily obtain the real weapons? When have you heard of a terrorist needing the bayonet on their fully-automatic weapon to stab someone when a full-auto blast would do a lot more damage?

Shame on you, Fox!

04/15/2004 I dropped off my tax forms at the post office this evening and saw a table that had a sign "Why is there always money for WAR and not MEDICAL INSURANCE?" taped to the front of it. A few liberals were at the table trying to collect money and a guy approached me with a pie chart on a paper. "Do you know where your taxes are going to?" he asked me. I answered: "I know where my taxes are going. If you want lower taxes, vote for President Bush." He looked like he was going to say something, paused for a moment and stated: "You've got a point there." Maybe some liberals can be persuaded to vote conservative!


We wish you a blessed Easter.

The Lord suffered and died for our sins.

He was resurrected from the dead.


Happy Easter!

04/09/2004 Many have said green tea is beneficial for the body and others have scoffed at the idea. It looks like it may kill a type of leukemia.

Senator Ted Kennedy doesn’t want to talk about something, which is unusual since he always has his mouth open. A member of his staff recommended delaying the appointment of Julia Scott Gibbons to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals until the University of Michigan affirmative action case was over. This staff member was an attorney that worked for the NAACP on the case. With Kennedy recommending that conservative judges recuse themselves from cases where they “may” have a remote appearance of a conflict of interest, he remains mute about his own shenanigans. He was also silent on his “swimming” incident.

Omarosa Manigault Stallworth, who was fired from "The Apprentice", was also fired 4 times by the Clinton administration for being disruptive.

04/06/2004 If you are determined enough, you can do accomplish anything! This shows that people can perform well beyond what many consider remotely possible. A woman used a knife to perform a Caesarean section on herself and delivered a healthy baby. This is truly a remarkable example of the right to choose.

04/05/2004 All we hear from the liberal press is how bad the war in Iraq is going. The real truth is that the citizens (formally subjects) of Iraq are doing much better now that Saddam has been toppled and the “person in the street” actually supports us in being there to liberate them from their formerly oppressive government. See an article by someone who knows this since he is seeing the Iraqis reaction first hand.

04/02/2004 Bill Clinton, the self-proclaimed “First Black President” did not lift a finger to help prevent the genocide of 800,000 blacks in Rwanda. Despite his claims that he did not know or “fully appreciate” the murders, recently released government documents prove otherwise. Why haven’t we heard Reverend Jackson, Al Sharpton, or the NAACP criticizing Clinton for this?

Someone pointed me to "bt: brain terminal" an interesting site. Give it a look.

Weapons of Mass Destruction were stored in secret bunkers in Iraq. They may still be there.