Soap Box Archives - October 2004


Senator John Kerry is considered a hero by the Communist North Vietnam Government for his help in the defeat of the United States by North Vietnam.

This is the prime reason that Kerry should not be elected to serve as the Commander In Chief of our troops.

We cannot trust a traitor to protect our freedom.

"John Kerry helped North Vietnam and the Vietcong win their war against America. More than 30 years later, the Vietnamese communists still recognize his contribution to their victory." Quote from

"The critical issue is that the Vietnamese communists have chosen to honor Senator Kerry in their War Crimes Museum for his assistance in helping them achieve victory over the United States. The sign outside the entrance to the room where Kerry's photo is displayed reads: "The World Supports Vietnam in its Resistance." Also exhibited inside the room are protest banners and emblems from various nations and photographs of international leaders who supported North Vietnam's cause."

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More liberal hate is infecting America.:

A Bush/Cheney headquarters is robbed in Cincinnati.

A Flagstaff, Arizona GOP office is broked into.


Voter Fraud Has Begun

In Palm Beach, Florida, voter registration officials have accepted registration cards after the official cutoff time.

In Florida, fraudulent voter registration and forged ballot requests have been discovered in St. Petersburg, Tallahassee and Miami-Dade County,

Also in Duval County, Florida, election officials received a tip and found 25 fraudulent voter registration forms. How many more did they not discover?

Here on the Left Coast, San Mateo and Marin report there are more voter registrations than the census shows people of voting age. 100% registration is highly unlikely, but 110% registration is just fraud. Liberal officials say there is no way they can check or correct this.