Soap Box Archives - June 2005


"In 31,000 documents covering 28,000 interrogations and countless thousands of interactions with detainees, having issued 1,600 Korans, Southcom found 5 incidents of apparent mishandling by guards or interrogators and 15 incidents of mishandling and outright desecration by detainees."

June 3, 2005, Lawrence DiRita, Pentagon

Note: Italics are mine - FH.

So the Koran is being desecrated by the terrorists. It seems that the American soldiers are being more careful of the Koran than the terrorists are. Note that there were NO incidents of the Koran being desicrated by US troops. Did we see wide news coverage on this one? Hey Newsweek, wha'cha say? I can't hear you.


California judge Janice Rogers Brown has been confirmed by the Senatefor the federal appeals court.

We ARE getting our Judges, Just like Senator Frist promised.

Thank you, Senator!


California judge Janice Rogers Brown has been confirmed by the Senatefor the federal appeals court. All the liberal insinuation including a senator that came close to comparing her to a KKK Grand Wizard did not work. If a Republican had said this, they would have been branded a racist black-hating SOB. Could any liberal believe the lies by the left-wing senators? Bush has many more blacks and other minorities in his administration than the Clintons had. The Democratic party consistantly discardes prominate blacks in their own party when it comes to hihg positions. If former KKK recruiter Senator Byrd had been a conservative, he would have had country-wide protests calling for his immediate resignation.


The rumor, just a rumor, of a Koran (Qoran, Queran, hope I did all the spellings) being flushed at Gitmo and the Moslem world riots all over the world. Newsweek really knows how to stir up the merde (pun intended).

Here is what we have: 1) The detainees (I call them prisoners) were put there because they were intent on killing as many Americans as they could before getting their 72 raisins in the hereafter. 2) Most of them were captured while in the process of trying to kill or actually killing Americans. 3) With very few exceptions, the conditions in which they are living are actually better than they had when they were home, aside from conjugal visits. 4) The medical care they receive is far better than what they could even dream of at home. 5) As far as it is known, none of the prisoners had a Koran on them when they were captured. 6) The Korans that they have were provided for them by the very Americans they were trying to kill. 7) The two confirmed reports of sections of a Koran being flushed were performed by the prisoners themselves in an attempt to stop up the toilet system. 8) No prisoners have been beheaded. 9) Interrogations were even stopped in order for the prisoners to face Mecca to pray.

I ask you the following: 1) How many Christian Americans taken prisoner in Iraq received Bibles? 2) How many Jewish Americans taken prisoner in Iraq received Torahs? 3) How many American Prisoners had the same or better accommodations? Answers: 1) Zero. 2) None. 3) Nada.

I ask you some more questions: 4) How many American prisoners had worse conditions? How many Americans were beheaded?

Answers: 4) All. 5) Many.

And Amnesty International calls Gitmo a Gulag? Shame on those far-left Socio-Communists. Maybe Amnesty international is for granting amnesty to all people except Americans.

When the European community first started talking about a European Union, I predicted that it would not succeed for several reasons. While most of the nations were socialist havens, there would be an eventual loss of cultural identity as the currency would be the first thing to go. This happened. The postage stamps would be changed to reflect the common currency. This has happened. There would be no borders between countries as far as Europeans go. This is happening. There would be a push to have common set of laws. This has started. A new constitution was in the process of being ratified, in effect making a single government. This was where the French people drew the line and voted overwhelmingly to reject this affront to their independence, despite the direction their President wanted to go. Chirac even thought about rejecting his own people’s mandate and adopting the constitution, but eventually acquiesced. Other countries are starting to follow this lead. Italy is even talking about phasing out the Euro and bringing back the Lira. As the Euro drops in value, it seems possible that the European dream of a single social structure hoping to eclipse the United States is failing.

I know of a way that the socialist countries can get ahead for sure: adopt freedom for all their subjects (making them citizens) and spread capitalism.