Soap Box Archives - July 2005


A lot of us lost a friend who was serving to protect us. Please pray for Dan Niemi and his wife and two children.

A convicted meth addict who was legally barred from having a firearm shot and killed Dan Niemi in a totally un-provoked incident. This proves that if you outlaw guns, the criminals will ignore the law and still use them. It is too bad that this druggie wasn't shot trying to escape whem the 60 to 100 police officers broke down the door of the place where he was sleeping. Dan deserves justice.

Dan a great instructor and a long-time supporter of the Second Amendment. I met him at a second amendment meeting that evolved into the Golden State Second Amendment Council, where he was the guest speaker. You first meet Dan and you feel like you have known him for years. I was fortunate to attend a two-day tactical handgun course he taught and was very much looking to attending another one. Dan, thank you for being a friend and sharing your vast knowledge with us. God Bless.

A trust fund for the officers' family has been established. Contributions can be made to:

Niemi Family Fund

c/o San Leandro Police Officers Association

901 E. 14th St.

San Leandro 94577

or by contacting Jeff Deuel of the Deuel Group at (925) 952-3838.


Karl Rove stuff:

The Night that Rove Had Knocked Them Down

Media Admits Rove is Innocent


Happy Birthday America !

We should never forget that most our Founders gave their lives and fortunes to assure that we would have Liberty and Freedom.

2005 Milpitas, CA 4th of July Parade.