Soap Box Archives - August 2007

08/29/2007 The United States, with the most freedom of ANY country in the world has 90 guns per 100 people. This is correlation between freedom and the personal private ownership of firearms is NOT an accident.  I invite you to do your duty to make sure this number gets bigger by buying more guns and promoting the SAFE ownership of firearms by training all of our youths how to respect firearms and use them responsibly. If you do this, we will truly have freedom for the next generation. Remember the citizens of Rwanda who were massacred were not permitted to own the firearms they needed for self-protection. Click here if the above link is not available.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator Barack Hussein Obama received a HUGH endorsement from Castro. You know, that Communist south of the Florida border. After such a rich endorsement from a fellow communist (imho), Presidential candidate Senator Clinton ought to be set after she selects Obama, America's first Muslim-born Presidential contender, as her VP. After this endorsement, any American with a grain of common sense would even vote for Barney (the dinosaur, not Frank) if the Republican Party voted the purple dinosaur as their candidate. Click here if the above link is no longer available.

08/23/2007 The USA Today headline screams: “Mexican Senate sides with mom deported from USA ”.

There is a picture with her and a son (not the one she left behind in the United Stated) captioned “Elvira Arellano, the illegal immigrant that sought refuge in a Chicago church and was eventually deported by the United States, talks about what the future holds after she is reunited with her son, Saul, 8, at an apartment win Tijuana, Mexico.” (Click here if the link is dead.)

A couple of observations:

She was in the country illegally and had been here several years, had been deported once already, illegally returned to the United States and lived for more than a year inside a Chicago church with her USA-born child after getting another deportation order.

No where did we hear where her husband (or father of her child) was.

No news agency, up to this point, mentioned she had another son she left in Mexico for more than a year.

If she had been a citizen of Panama and crossed the boarder illegalally into Mexico years back, she would still be in a Mexican jail.  Even worse, if she had refused to stop, she would have been shot dead.

Is this responsible parenting?  She is teaching her children that it is OK to break the laws.

If ANY politician pays attention to what the Mexican Senate is saying, they should be tried for treason and hung publicly.  If our government starts to “obey” any foreign government’s senate, it is time for another tea party.