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02/17/2008 Giant rat that once roamed the earth.

We finally found the missing link of DemocRAT Ted Kennedy's lineage!


An Open Letter to Conservatives

February 9, 2008


Dear Dorothy,

We aren’t in Kansas anymore; or Iowa , New Hampshire , Florida , Kalifornia, or any other primary state.  I know you have had some experience waking up in another realm of reality, but I fear your experiences were quite tame compared to the fight we are about to enter with ourselves.

Baring the publication of pictures of Obama or Hillary with various animals, or McCain using the “N” or “H” or “M” or “P” word, we are down to a choice between three candidates to run our country for the next 4 years.  Staying home and not voting is not really a choice.  Yes, you could do it and American soldiers from the Revolutionary War to the present time have given and are still giving their lives to support your choice to stay home.  Wake up from your dream of utopia and the perfect world where everyone would be a Reagan Conservative; speaking of animals, there are too many RINO’s out there and it’s time to go hunting.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Our lovely right-leaning Ann Coulter is now supporting the Hildebeast ( opining that “…he [McCain] is bad for our country”, and even Mr. Colmes disagreed with that statement.  From the Second Amendment view, Clinton would remove the Second Amendment from our constitution.

Her husband disbanded our entire world-wide human intelligence gathering infrastructure, resulting in the deaths of many of our agents left out in the cold and blinding us to many attacks during his administration and 9/11/2001 after his administration.  Hillary would do the same.  It has taken nearly 8 years to try and undo that damage and we still are not back to what we had before.

Barack Hussein Obama

Obama’s official web site had a link to this web site: (  I call your attention to the “one nation under God” notation and the laws they are demanding to be imposed on the American people.  Pick just about any Muslim nation in the world and you will find the majority of the practicing Islamic leaders support the torture and beheading of Christians and Jews, unless they convert to Islam.

Obama, like Hillary, would ignore or scrap the Second Amendment.

Like a good liberal, Obama would cater to the nations that have publically admit their end goal is to convert the United States to Islam or kill us all.  The liberals just keep thinking that if we could only understand why these people want to kill us, we could talk them out of completing the act.

John Sidney McCain III

Now we get to John McCain.

As far as the Second Amendment goes, he is OK.  He generally supports most of the pro-Second Amendment stuff, but he has been known to stray once in a while to the dark side of the pro-gun control issues.

On supporting the defense of America , there is no doubt that McCain would be the best choice, just keep the water-boarding secret.  If someone wants to kill Americans, We’ll squash them flat under McCain.

My Comparisons

Defense of America and the American Way of Life

Hillary: Would defend America , but would not permit undercover agents or dealings with “undesirables”, even though they may be able to provide us with critical information and same more lives.

Obama: Would appoint a committee to try and “understand” why they want to kill us.

McCain: Would defeat them and try to understand why after we celebrated the victory.  Remember, peace comes only after victory.

Second Amendment

Hillary: Would collect all guns if she got the chance, probably by Presidential decree “for the safety of the children”.

Obama: Would only allow possession of sporting and hunting weapons only if the bullets would not pierce a leather jacket over a shirt and undershirt.

McCain: Gun possession would be possible.


Hillary: Tax and spend like there is no tomorrow.  After all, she can afford the taxes with her husband B.J. earning millions from the Chinese Communists and the Oil Sheiks in Dubai .

Obama: Would tax and spend like Hillary, but would figure a way to get additional cash from donors.

McCain: No tax cuts and probably an increase in taxes to pay for all the earmarks.

Freebee Social Programs that Make People Dependant on Government Handouts and Discourage Free Enterprise

Hillary: More, more, more…

Obama: More, more, more…

McCain: More, more, more…

…………………………………how do you like it, how do you like it? (As a musician, I could not resist this.  My apologies to Andrea True Connection.)

Please wake up and ask yourself the question: “Who will make a better President?”  If you can’t answer that, ask yourself: “Who will do the least damage to America ?”

Then vote in November.  Also, until then, spread the word on the best or least destructive candidate.  Our soldiers are depending on us.