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I host a Bible Study and Life Group, the Christian Bedouins. Go to the web site if you want to know who we came up with that name. - http://www.christianbedouins.com/

In music, the world is my stage and I am a member of the super-elite horn section of a great funk band. - Needless to say, the band does not associate itself with politics in any way, although you will find a great diversity of political views from far-left to libertarian to far-right; any person (political or not) will positively have a ball with the high-energy performances. I guarantee you will not be able to sit in you seat for too long! Drop me a line for the web site if you do not know it.

Who says I can't toot my own horn? I play three of them: a pocket trumpet, a regular trumpet (I've had that since the 9th grade) and a flugelhorn.

In the political party, I am creating havoc as usual with the infamous and well-hated by the far-left liberals web site the Liberal Fair - http://www.liberalfair.com/

I am VP of the Golden State Second Amendment Council - http://www.gs2ac.com/

And as usual, FredHoot.com is still well and alive with a wealth of information for like-minded people.

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I came across this picture on the Washington Post (I believe) web site the day after the Inaugural Parade. I recognized this protestor from when I was waiting to get through a parade security checkpoint. In fact, I have a picture of him in the protestor section of my 2005 Inaugural pictures. Just for grins, I looked at the picture and found myself. Hint: A couple of hats worn by some fellow conservatives I met while waiting in the "line". Click on the picture to see where I am.