One of my loves has always been a good book, particularly one that you start to read in the evening "for just a little while until I get sleepy" and then realize that the alarm has been ringing for a while and you have to go to work. I make no attempt to list all the books that I have read (impossible), nor will I attempt to report on them (I hated book reports in school and still do). While I may make a comment or two on a book from time to time, the ones listed here represent "the best of the best", IMHO. As some great authors tend to have a string of books that grab you "there", I have listed the authors alphabetically. This is a page in progress and there are many entries to be made.


The Bible - any version. Our great country was founded "Under God", so it is appropriate to list the Bible first. No, I don't thump it, but it contains all the essentials.

Clive Cussler Dirk Pitt
Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins The Left Behind Series
Rush Limbaugh Great books to arm yourself with against the Liberals.
Richard Marcinko The Rogue Warrior Series, et. al.
Michael Savage The Savage Nation

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