The left Behind Series

I had just finished reading Rogue Warrior Red Cell by Richard Marcinko for the third time (one of my favorites), so I decided it was time to expand my library. Off to the bookstore and CostCo to pick up a month or two of reading material. While I didn't find any more of the Rogue Warrior series that I had not yet read, I did come across the book Assassins. It looked like a good title, so I added it to my stack. Later that evening I started to read (no, I usually don't read the fly cover first) and soon I realized that it was part of a series. Oh well, I was hooked on the writing style and excitement, so early the next morning I went to the store again and picked up all the previous books in the series. They were a fantastic read! Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins have done an excellent job on these! God Bless.

I'll have to wait for the next one, Desecration.

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