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Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2000 3:27 AM


Subject: What Jay Leno said about Al Gore...

Dear Fred Hoot,

The jury is in from Tuesday's debate and by most objective observers the Governor beat Al Gore again --that makes three strikes by my count for the Vice President!

In case you missed it, please read what one great humorist has said about the Vice President. Humor with a strong dose of the truth built in...


"Al Gore ... he once was pro-life, now he's pro-choice. He once was against gun control, now he's for it. He claimed he invented the Internet. Hey, Gore just needs to debate himself!"

"Al Gore visited a bookstore today. He was shocked to find a book about everything he has said in his campaign could be found in the fiction section."

"Our country has come a long way: first we had George Washington, who couldn't tell a lie. Then we had Bill Clinton, who couldn't tell the truth. And now we have Al Gore, who can't tell the difference..."

and now, on to the serious stuff...


Please read the following story on Al Gore's loss of support among the press - this really may be the beginning of serious problems for Gore. Even the liberal Washington Post feels Al Gore has troubles!

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Gore: A Candidate In Trouble?

By Howard Kurtz

Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday, October 16, 2000; 8:48 AM

You know a candidate is in trouble when the Los Angeles Times is already mulling explanations for his possible defeat.

You know a candidate is in trouble when USA Today is reporting on internal backbiting in his campaign.

You know a candidate is in trouble when The Washington Post questions which version of the man will show up for tomorrow's debate, when the New York Times says his party is nervous, when Newsweek has his own advisers saying he couldn't win a popularity contest.

Al Gore is in trouble, at least according to the media measurement of such matters with three weeks to go. (Yes, we know, George W. Bush was in trouble a couple of weeks back, but that was several story lines ago.)

Here's part of Ron Brownstein's potential funeral notice in the L.A. Times "If Al Gore can't overcome George W. Bush's mid-October surge, the vice president's campaign aides already have a ready explanation for his defeat. It's two words: Bill Clinton. Through millions of dollars in polling, Gore's camp has concluded that many voters have a deep, impenetrable, almost irrational hatred of the president."


"But the same polls that show most voters disliking Clinton personally also show that a solid majority of Americans like his policies. Clinton's job approval rating remains higher than Ronald Reagan's late in his presidency. In Los Angeles Times surveys all year, only a small minority of voters have expressed a desire for major changes from Clinton's policy direction. Even Bush lately has conspicuously praised Clinton. ... So here's a provocative thought: If Gore loses it may not be because he resembles Clinton too much, but too little."

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Jim Nicholson


Republican National Committee

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