EChampions 2000 Message Archive


The First EChampions Message!
10/01/2000 Register to Vote and Promises
10/03/2000 Watch Debate and Vote Online
10/08/2000 Media Assails Al "Pinocchio" Gore
10/19/2000 What Jay Leno said about Al Gore...
10/22/2000 Al Gore... By the Numbers
10/26/2000 Gore Praises Texas!
10/29/2000 Democrats' "Halloween" Scare Tactics
10/31/2000 Must Reply to Qualify and Activate - First appearance of the free trip to Washington D.C.
10/31/2000 A Special Video - First political mailing ever done with streaming video via RadicalMail. I am trying to get the actual video.
11/02/2000 Get Out The Vote!
11/03/2000 Get Out The Vote! Another RadicalMail video mail message. I am trying to get the actual video.
11/05/2000 One Vote Matters... Forward to a Friend!
11/05/2000 A Message From George W. Bush - RadicalMail video mail. I am trying to get the actual video.
11/06/2000 A Message From Laura Bush
11/06/2000 A Message From Colin L. Powell
11/12/2000 Florida Recount Update
11/27/2000 Important Election Update
11/28/2000 Bush in the News
11/29/2000 Truth Versus Gore
11/29/2000 Must Reply to Qualify and Activate
12/09/2000 Florida Recount Update
12/12/2000 Important Election Update
01/15/2001 An Important eChampion Message
01/16/2001 Call to Action
02/21/2001 eChampions
02/22/2001 eChampions
02/27/2001 Bush Tax Relief Plan
03/02/2001 Bush Tax Plan
03/06/2001 Bush Tax Plan
03/09/2001 Bush Tax Plan
03/13/2001 Bush Tax Plan
03/19/2001 Bush Tax Plan
03/22/2001 How much will you save?
03/28/2001 Sign Our Online Petition
03/30/2001 Next Friday is Vote Day in the Senate
04/02/2001 Senate Votes on Budget Friday
04/05/2001 Every Single Vote is Critical
04/09/2001 One Step Closer to Your Tax Cut
04/12/2001 Discuss Your Tax Cut
04/16/2001 Need Tax Relief?
04/19/2001 Speak Up for Your Tax Relief
04/23/2001 The Full $1.6 Trillion Tax Relief Package
05/07/2001 One of The Largest Tax Cuts in History
06/21/2001 The Momentum of President Bush
06/26/2001 European Media Praise President Bush
07/02/2001 20 yrs since income taxes were reduced
08/10/2001 President Bush reaches principled decision on stem cell research
09/04/2001 Stop the Partisan Budget Games

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