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Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2000 1:56 AM


Subject: One Vote Matters... Forward to a Friend!

On Tuesday, I am voting for our Republican team, and I urge you to do so as well.

For a variety of reasons too numerous to discuss here, voter turnout in the United States in recent decades has been low and is declining. In fact, it is likely that barely half of the eligible voters will make the effort to get to the polls on November 7. I ask you to make a special effort to be among them. Don't think for a moment it doesn't matter. Consider:

- If current polls showing very close races are accurate, one voter in each precinct of the United States will determine the outcome. Please, be that voter in YOUR precinct.

- In 1948, just one additional vote in each precinct would have elected Thomas Dewey.

- In 1976, less then one vote in each precinct in Ohio could have elected President Ford.

- Thomas Jefferson was elected president by one vote in the Electoral College. So was John Quincy Adams.

- And in Congress, one vote gave statehood to California, Idaho, Oregon, Texas and Washington. The Draft Act of World War II passed the House by one vote.

We have an extraordinary opportunity on November 7. The Cold War is over, but we need coherent and principled leadership for a rapidly changing world, and a military ready to deter war if possible and win decisively if necessary. We are committed to these principles.

At home, the economy is strong and the budget is balanced. A growing surplus provides the means to both cut taxes and finance important reforms. On education, Social Security and health care, our Republican team is right and our opposition is wrong.

On the social issues that have divided our nation for so long, we are committed to forge a bi-partisan approach to solving America's problems. We are committed to a future that leaves no one behind. We believe individual liberty is rooted in personal responsibility.

The moral dimension of leadership, respects the moral and religious foundations of our Republic. We trust the American people to manage their own lives.

For all these reasons, it is important for each and every one of us to vote on November 7. We have as clear a choice as America has faced in at least a generation. Your vote does count. Please join me in helping elect our Republican team. Thank you.


Jim Nicholson


Republican National Committee



The election is two days away. Help us spread the word by forwarding this E-CHAMPIONS link to a friend.

Thank you!


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