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Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2000 1:52 AM


Subject: Bush in the News

To: eChampion

From: RNC E-Champion Program

Below are the latest statements from Governor George W. Bush and Secretary

James A. Baker III, along with other information and comments relating to

the events of Sunday evening.


1 Statement by Governor George W. Bush

2 Statement by Secretary James A. Baker III

3 Statement by Commissioner Bob Crawford, (D)

4 Reaction to Governor Bush's Statement

5 Gore Just Spinning About Supreme Court Says Expert

6 Call To Action..Call Your Congressman..Gore Should Concede



Statement by Governor George W. Bush

The last nineteen days have been extraordinary ones. Our nation

watched as we were all reminded on a daily basis of the importance of

each and every vote. We were reminded of the strength of our democracy

- that while our system is not always perfect, it is fundamentally

strong and far better than any other alternative.

The election was close, but tonight, after a count, a recount and yet

another manual recount, Secretary Cheney and I are honored and humbled

to have won the state of Florida, which gives us the needed electoral

votes to win the election. We will therefore undertake the

responsibility of preparing to serve as America's next President and

Vice President.

Full statement:



Statement by James A. Baker III

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Shortly after I arrived here some 19 days ago, I said here in this very

room that the election process in - Florida and in the country as a

whole - needed to conclude with fairness and finality.

I suggested that everyone step back, pause, and think about what was at

stake. I warned that there might be no reasonable end to the process of

counts, challenges and contests if it slipped away from us.

So here is the account of the past 3 weeks.

Full statement:



Statement by Agriculture Commissioner Bob Crawford

Democrat Member of Florida's Election Canvassing Commission

Thank you, Madam Secretary. Let me first commend you on the job that you

and your office have done during these last almost three weeks since the


This has been a tough election. It has not always been pretty. But we

got the job done, and we got it done right. People called me and

say--particularly from out of state--and say what's going on down in

Florida, and I have to keep reminding people, the only thing that's

going on here is that we've got a razor-thin election for the most

important job in the world.

And that's all it is. After all the jokes, after all of the anguish,

we've just got a close election. And any state that had to go through

this would've had the same problems, I think, that we have had.

But I think it's over. It should be over. And maybe that's the important

word there, "should." You know, Yogi Berra once said, ``It's not over

till it's over.'' Well, it's over, and we have a winner, and it's time

to move on.

There's one thing that I am sure of and that is both sides have enough

legal talent to keep this tied up through Christmas. But one thing the

lawyers can't do for us and one thing the courts can't do for us: They

can't bring this country together again.

And while we have a winner tonight and we have a loser tonight, it's

going to take both of these gentlemen to bring this country together

again, and I hope we can get on with that work soon.

And I'm proud of the job that we've done here in the state.



Reaction to Governor Bush's Statement

RE: What Gore needs to consider:

"The rules were changed in a way that Bush did not like, and that Gore

requested. Bush still won counting with Gore's rules... [Gore has] to

consider where reasonable people in the center are going to look at

this, and say, 'Guys you had your shot, the count, the recount - they

changed the rules for you and you still did not win.' It's time to be


RE: Governor Bush's Speech: "...the tone...was perfect...

"There was a persistence and a determination in what [Governor Bush]

said, but it was also incredibly conciliatory. It was the first kind of

conciliatory speech that anybody has given in this, and that probably

goes to peoples hearts."

- Bob Woodward on Larry King Live, CNN, 11/26/00



Gore Just Spinning About Supreme Court Says Expert

Fox News Channel, 11/26/00

Fox News' Brit Hume: "...does the Gore team not have something to work

with here in the fact that we have the Supreme Court coming up on

Friday. That-that creates sort of a period of continuing, a sort of

unfinality if such a word exists."

National Journal's Stuart Taylor: "...Unless I'm missing something that

is completely hollow spin. There is nothing what so ever, I think-that

the Supreme Court of the United States can do for Al Gore. They could

do some things for George W. Bush, but Al Gore hasn't asked them to do

anything except uphold what the Florida Supreme Court has already done.

But I don't think he's in the position to say, "Oh by the way could you

order some more recounts?" So I think there is nothing, if...Gore runs

out of ammunition. Which I think he may well do, before the Supreme

Court of the United States gets to a hearing. I think he has to give

up, because there's nothing..."



Call To Action

Florida tonight certified the votes cast in the Presidential Election,

giving it's 25 electoral votes to George W. Bush.

George W. Bush won the vote on election day and won the mandated recount.

He won on November 17, after the inclusion of the overseas ballots. Now he

has won after the manual recount as directed by the Florida Supreme Court,

and the results have been certified.

If you believe this election should end and that endless lawsuits are not

good for our country, please call your Congressman

and Senator, regardless of their party affiliation, and tell them that Al

Gore should concede!


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