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Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2001 11:18 AM


Subject: eChampions: Call to Action

Dear Friends,

Your support is needed for one of President-elect Bush's Cabinet

nominees, former Colorado Attorney General Gale Norton. Special

interests and political extremists are determined to stop this able and

well-qualified woman from serving as the steward of our nation's

public lands.

It's hard to see how reasonable people could oppose this nomination.

Gale Norton is a consensus builder who has worked for more than 20

years on environmental and federal land issues. She is a true

conservationist, who brings a real appreciation of the role private

owners and local communities can play in preserving our


Here are some highlights of her outstanding career:

-Gale Norton served as the Attorney General of Colorado from 1991

to 1999. Ms. Norton litigated state and federal constitutional issues,

defended the state against federal mandates, and won a major court

victory pressuring the federal government to adequately clean up

hazardous wastes at Rocky Flats and the Rocky Mountain Arsenal.

She also served as Chair of the Environment Committee for the

National Association of Attorneys General and established a strong

record of getting Superfund cleanups completed.

-During the Bush Administration, Ms. Norton was appointed to the

Western Water Policy Commission, and she now serves as

Environment Committee Chair for the Republican National Lawyers


-As Associate Solicitor General at the U.S. Department of the

Interior in the Reagan Administration, she oversaw endangered

species and public land legal issues for the National Park Service and

the Fish and Wildlife Service.

-And as a scholar at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, she

conducted groundbreaking research on innovative ways to control air


This is not a record to politicize; it is a record to praise. And this is

not a nominee to attack; this is a nominee to applaud. Yet some

environmental extremists are trying to deny our country the services

of this fine public servant because of ideological differences. But as

the links below point out, Gale Norton is very much in the

mainstream of creative environmental thought. Ideology has never

been used to prevent the nomination of a person to the cabinet. Yet

that is exactly what these extremists are trying to do. They are trying

to hijack the process. This is the politics of personal destruction.

And this is exactly why the American people voted for a new

president and new direction last November.

Please do two things.

First, let your Senator know you strongly support Gale Norton's


Go to to find

the contact information for the Senators from your state.

It's time for a new conservation and common sense. Simply put, it's

time for Gale Norton.

Second, let the members of the Senate Energy And Natural

Resources Committee know you support Gale Norton. The

committee begins its hearings Thursday. Its members are:


D (NM) Bingaman, Jeff (Chairman) (202) 224-5521,

D (HI) Akaka, Daniel (202) 224-6361,

D (ND) Dorgan, Byron (202) 224-2551,

D (FL) Graham, Bob (202) 224-3041,

D (OR) Wyden, Ron (202) 224-5244,

D (SD) Johnson, Tim (202) 224-5842,

D (LA) Landrieu, Mary (202) 224-5824,

D (IN) Bayh, Evan (202) 224-5623,

D (AR) Lincoln, Blanche (202) 224-4843,


R (AK) Murkowski, Frank (Ranking Member) (202) 224-6665,

R (NM) Domenici, Pete (202) 224-6621,

R (OK) Nickles, Don (202) 224-5754,

R (ID) Craig, Larry (202) 224-2752,

R (CO) Campbell, Ben Nighthorse (202) 224-5852

R (WY) Thomas, Craig (202) 224-6441,

R (OR) Smith, Gordon (202) 224-3753,

R (KY) Bunning, Jim (202) 224-4343,

R (IL) Fitzgerald, Peter (202) 224-2854,

R (MT) Burns, Conrad (202) 224-2644,

The links below provide additional insight into the challenging and

successful career of Gale Norton.

Thank you.

(Please forward this message to friends, family and co-workers and

ask them to show their support for President-elect Bush by asking

their U.S. Senators to support the confirmation of Gale Norton)

Please Read These Additional Facts and Comments Relating to the

Nomination of Gale Norton as Secretary of the Interior:

"President-elect George W. Bush's appointment of Gale Norton as

Secretary of the Interior is an inspired move. She is a true free

market conservative, not an ideological conservative, and has built a

strong record of going to bat for the state's environmental needs."

Denver Post Editorial Board, December 30,2000

Comments of United States Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (the

only American Indian presently serving in either the House or

Senate): "Gale Norton will be a superb Secretary of the Interior no

matter how tough of a confirmation fight environmentalists mount."

"She knows how to find the balance [to manage public lands]."

"Gale will do a terrific job."

Rocky Mountain News, December 31, 2000

Environmental extremists claim Norton is responsible for pollution

from a Summitville (Colorado) mine. Those involved know that is

not correct. "In fact, during her tenure as state AG, Norton struggled

to protect the public's interest at Summitville, despite legislative

mandates that hamstrung meaningful action."

Denver Post Editorial Board, January 11, 2001

(More on Summitville)

"The New York Times, for reasons that must be assumed to be

political, has attempted to smear Gale Norton, President-elect

George W. Bush's choice for secretary of Interior."

"The article, which relied on a series of factual misrepresentations

regarding the Summitville gold mine, also made a hash of explaining

applicable environmental law."

"The writer, Timothy Egan, clearly doesn't understand the history of

Summitville, nor does he demonstrate any understanding of the

ongoing dispute between the Environmental Protection Agency and

various states, including Colorado, that have passed environmental

self-audit laws."

Al Knight, Editorial Writer, Denver Post, January 10, 2001

(More on Summitville)

"But state regulators, federal lawyers and Norton's top deputy

attorneys at the time paint a different picture from that of a state

attorney general simply turning her back on pollution."

"In fact, the Democratic lawyer Norton put in charge of

environmental enforcement said she was unfettered by any

conservative leanings in deciding which cases to pursue and how."

"Norton's former colleagues contend environmentalists have

oversimplified situations, or are outright wrong, and that Norton's

office did, in fact, take action when state regulators sought her


Todd Hartman, Rocky Mountain News, January 14, 2001


Paid for by the Republican National Committee.

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