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Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2001 8:25 PM


Subject: Bush Tax Relief Plan

Fred Hoot,

Dear Friends,

Tonight, President Bush set out a responsible budget for America's

priorities. This "Blueprint for a New Beginning" is a balanced budget that


*FIRST, fund America's priorities;

*SECOND, provide the largest debt reduction in history; and

*THIRD, provide fair and responsible tax relief for all taxpayers.

F U N D S K E Y P R I O R I T I E S:

*IMPROVES EDUCATION. Strengthens and reforms education -- provides the

Education Department the largest percentage spending increase of any

department in recent years (11.5% or $4.6 billion) and triples funding for

children's reading programs.

*STRENGTHENS DEFENSE. Strengthens our military by improving the quality of

life of our troops and their families and beginning the transition to a 21st

century force.

*PROTECTS SOCIAL SECURITY. Preserves and protects Social Security by

locking away every penny of the $2.6 trillion Social Security surplus for

Social Security.

*PRESERVES MEDICARE. Spends every dime of Medicare receipts over the next

10 years for Medicare, and Medicare only. The President's budget provides a

$21 billion increase in Medicare spending over the next year. The budget

also provides $153 billion over 10 years in new spending to modernize

Medicare with an integrated prescription drug benefit.

*IMPROVES HEALTHCARE. Doubles funding by 2003 for NIH medical research on

important health issues like cancer - the largest funding increase in NIH's

history. Creates more than 1,200 new community health centers to make

health care more accessible.

*PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT. Provides the largest increase for conservation

funds in history and fully funds the Land and Water Conservation Fund - a

$900 million commitment. The President gives EPA the second highest

operating budget ever -- $3.7 billion - $56 million higher than the FY 2001

request by President Clinton.

P A Y S O F F O U R N A T I O N 'S D E B T:

*Pays off the maximum amount of debt possible by providing the fastest,

largest debt reduction in history.

*Reduces the government debt to its lowest share of the economy since World

War I.

R E A S O N A B L E, F A I R T A X R E L I E F:

*Uses roughly one-fourth of the budget surplus to provide the typical family

of four paying income taxes $1,600 in tax relief. The largest percentage

reduction go to those at the lower end.

*It cuts all tax rates, doubles the child tax credit, reduces the marriage

penalty, abolishes the death tax, and expands charitable giving.

President Bush believes our country has limitless potential. And it is with

your help that we can pass his budget and tax cut. Please contact your

Senators and Representatives to support President Bush's tax cut.

To reach your Senators, go to: to find the contact

information for the Senators from your state.

To reach your member of the House of Representatives, go to: to find the contact information of

your member.

For more information, including a transcript of the President's speech, go


You can share this important message with your friends to encourage them to

contact their Congressman and Senators.

B U D G E T B A S I C S:

*The Congressional Budget Office and the Office of Management and Budget

project a $5.6 trillion surplus over the next 10 years.

*President Bush's budget locks away $2.6 trillion of this surplus for Social


*Under the President's budget, the U.S. will pay off all the debt that can

be redeemed - $2.0 trillion - over the next 10 years. Only debt that has not

matured will be left. It would not be cost effective for government to pay

bonuses to investors to buy back these securities. Instead, it makes more

sense to let these securities mature naturally, giving us zero debt at 2011.

*The President spends roughly 1/4 OF THE SURPLUS ($1.6 trillion) on

reasonable tax relief for every taxpayer - ONLY 6% OF ALL TAX DOLLARS THAT


*The President devotes the remaining $1.4 trillion of the surplus to

additional priorities, debt service, and contingencies. This includes his

$153 billion proposal to reform Medicare while providing prescription drug

coverage. More than $800 billion is left unallocated as a reserve for other

priorities and contingencies.

*The President's budget provides $26 BILLION MORE IN DISCRETIONARY SPENDING


*The biggest threat to the surplus is spending. Since budget surpluses

arrived three years ago, there has been an explosion in spending, growing at

an annual average rate of 6%. UNLESS THIS SPENDING IS MODERATED, THIS



*The President provides a reserve for additional needs such as defense

spending, debt service, unforeseen disasters, and other contingencies.

You can also help the RNC support the President's budget and tax relief plan

by making a secure online contribution to help fight liberal special

interests and get our message past the national media. Please make a

contribution to the RNC today by following this secure link:

Thank you.


Jack Oliver

Deputy Chairman,

Republican National Committee.

(Please forward this message to friends, family and co-workers and ask them

to show their support for President Bush's tax plan by contacting their U.S.

Senators and their member of Congress in support of the plan.)


Contributions or gifts to the Republican National Committee are not

deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Paid for by the Republican National Committee.

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