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From: Gov. Jim Gilmore, III []

Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2001 12:45 AM

To: Fred Hoot

Subject: European Media Praise President Bush

Attached, for your interest and enjoyment, please find some examples of European media coverage of the President's trip to Europe:

BELGIUM: HET LAATSTE NIEUWS observed (6/15): "Prime Minister Verhofstadt now knows why George Walker Bush was elected president of the United States: because of his charm and enchanting personality... Bush's trip is a real 'operation charm.'"

ENGLAND: The TIMES observed (6/14): "President Bush urged America's NATO allies to abandon their Cold War mindsets and jettison the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty as he made a passionate case yesterday for building defenses against the threat of missile attack from rogue states..."

FRANCE: Jean Quatremer opined in left-of-center LIBERATION (6/14): "Yesterday, during his brief address at the NATO summit, the U.S. president managed a tour de force as he showed the Allies' reservations toward Missile Defense to be outdated and obsolete...."

FRANCE: Marc Paolini in centrist LA TRIBUNE (06/15): "George W. Bush continues to amaze Europe. Twenty-four hours after his performance before the Atlantic Alliance, the new American president accomplished another perfect performance in Goteborg.... He impressed the participants with his knowledge of the issues, his authority over his team, and his overall cleverness..."

ITALY: Alberto Pasolini Zanelli in leading center-right IL GIORNALE (6/14): "But for sure the U.S. president scored a considerable success upon his debut at a NATO summit and managed to do so much quicker than most observers on both sides of the Atlantic expected."

POLAND: Jan Skorzynski wrote in centrist Rzeczpospolita (6/15): "George W. Bush began his tour of Europe in an impressive way. Decisions on the second round of NATO enlargement made at the Brussels summit, which was attended by the U.S. president, is very good news--and not only for the aspiring countries, but also for Poland...."

POLAND: Independent, liberal Dagens Nyheter (6/15): "The United States and Europe have come closer thanks to George W. Bush's visit."

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