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From: Jack Oliver, Deputy Chairman, Republican National Committee


Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 8:19 AM

To: Fred Hoot

Subject: Stop the Partisan Budget Games

Americans want leadership on the economy, and President Bush has taken immediate action to help get our economy moving again: sending money back to taxpayers to get our economy growing again. He's protected every penny of Medicare and Social Security and still left the second biggest surplus in history.

But President Bush needs your help to make sure that Congress sticks with this plan. Even though Democrats and Republicans in Congress already agreed to the Bush budget just a few months ago, some liberal Democrat leaders already want to break their agreement.

They're trying to delay your tax cut, and raid Social Security and Medicare, so they can fund more wasteful Washington spending. And these Democrats who (for years) supported budgets that spent all Social Security money and left no surplus are now launching partisan, misleading attacks on President Bush.

CALL YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS TODAY! Tell them to stay within the Bush budget and leave your tax cut and your Social Security alone. For contact information, visit:

AND SEND THIS EMAIL TO 10 FRIENDS. Urge them to call their Congressman and Senators as well.

You can rest assured that President Bush will oppose irresponsible spending and continue to pay off the debt while protecting Social Security, Medicare, our armed forces and the American taxpayer.

Very truly yours,

Jack Oliver

Deputy Chairman, Republican National Committee


Paid for by the Republican National Committee.

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