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11/30/2002 The headline reads:

Bush slashes federal raises, blames terror

Workers' group criticizes move

They were going to get 18.6% increase. Now they are getting a 3.1% increase, which still beats the civilian sector by a mile! Not to mention the incentive bonuses.

11/26/2002 Can someone be testing out their biological weapons? Over 500 people have died of the flu in the Congo. It may have been "spread by people fleeing an Oct. 25 coup attempt in Central African Republic." Sounds like some government needed some help.

And an apparently 30-year old strain of Norwalk virus has been infecting cruise ships.

The Disney cruise ship Magic and Holland America ships have been infected.

France has been deploring America's involvement in our war on terrorism. Isn't it funny that they now have arrested 6 suspects in the shoe-bomber case now that terrorists sank one of their oil tankers?

A Nigerian state official has called for the death of the woman journalist who wrote the Miss World article that some radical Muslims used as an excuse to kill Christians. Where are the human rights demonstrators being seen when Christians are attacked? One would think the news organizations would also be protesting, since on of their own is being threatened. If a God-fearing Christian had made the same threats against a Muslim, it would be all over the news with throngs of protesters crowding the streets.

What is it about the liberals in Florida? We know by their own admission they can't read ballots. Now it appears that they can't read rental contracts! They are even suing to get the clauses they don't like removed without penalties.

Blame Canada! Francoise Ducros, who called President Bush a "moron" is resigning her post as communications director to Prime Minister Jean Chretien. It initially looked like the Prime Minister would keep her on.

11/24/2002 Free Speech as practiced in England seems to be only for minorities. It turns out that Robin Page was planning a demonstration for "Hunters Rights".

"Robin Page, an outdoors columnist and an outspoken supporter of rural residents' rights, …was urging listeners to attend a 'Liberty and Livelihood March' in London later in the month.

Page told the audience that Londoners had the right to run events such as the Brixton carnival and gay pride marches, which celebrated black and gay culture. Why therefore, he asked, should country people not have the right to do what they liked in the countryside?"

11/21/2002 Take a look at what happens in countries that have a large percentage of Radical Muslims. In reaction to a non-PC and probably insensitive remark by a journalist, radical Muslims started rioting and killing Christians. The remark that caused this was a statement that Mohammad might have chosen a wife from one of the beautiful Miss World contestants in Nigeria. In one of the many attacks that was observed, the crowd stabbed a man and then put a tire filled with gasoline around his neck and lit it.

More attacks against Christians: An American who worked as a nurse missionary was murdered in Sidon, Lebanon. It is strange that she was killed for being a Christian while she was caring for Palestinians. "Muslim clerics in Sidon have accused the Unity Center of preaching Christianity and trying to indoctrinate the city's youth in favor of Christianity," a news article stated.

Did McDonalds force fat kids to eat 14 happy meals a day? More money-hungry lawyers hope for millions in their own pockets while parading the unfortunate fat kids. Should they be making money from these children's problems?

11/20/2002 The soon-to-be MINORITY leader in the Senate, Democratic Senator Tom Daschle is fuming over the loss of control. He is complaining about not being able to pass a lot of legislation due to the Republicans, when in fact, he was the one person who prevented legislation from even getting to the Senate floor for a vote! The following quote from a Fox news article says it all.

"Well I think you have to understand Tom Daschle is very frustrated right now," said Michael Crowley, a congressional correspondent for The New Republic. "He lost the Senate majority, and he took a lot of abuse over the last couple years. I think as a political matter, singling out Rush Limbaugh and complaining about conservative media may not have been the smartest response on his part. But you have to understand this is a guy who had an anthrax letter mailed to him, who had to have personal security, who did get a lot of death threats. And it's not impossible to understand his frustration."

A group of religious leaders are starting a "What would Jesus drive" campaign to promote alternative fossil fuel cars. I would think that with all the anti-Christian focus of the world, Jesus would be driving an armor-plated stretch limo to protect himself. Such a vehicle would get about 5 to 10 miles per gallon of readily available gasoline.

Bruce Eberle sent out an email with a description of partial-birth abortion. Once you read this, you can see why there has been a movement to ban this particular brand of abortion:

"An abortionist, guided by ultrasound, grabs the legs of a third trimester baby with forceps, and pulls it down the birth canal. The abortionist delivers the baby's entire body feet first, until the head appears. The abortionist then inserts scissors into the baby's skull. The scissors are opened to enlarge the hole and a suction catheter is inserted. The baby's brain matter is then sucked out, the skull collapses, and the dead baby is removed."

This particular method does not have anything to do with a woman's right to choose, as she could make that choice a lot sooner.

11/19/2002 In Marin, California, home of Taliban Johnnie and other less well known America bashers, a group of 50 women stripped naked and posed on the ground spelling "PEACE". They did this to protest the United States going after Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and the threat of US going to war against Iraq. I wonder if any of these women saw the pictures of Iraqi women being beheaded in the streets for protesting, or even being accused of protesting against Saddam? The organizers said "Remembering that tens of thousands of civilians have already died in Iraq as a result of US bombing and sanctions, these women are not convinced by Bush Administration fear mongering that one more person should die." How about the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians that Saddam killed with nerve gas bombs?

For all of those that are concerned about the Patriot Act infringing on their personal rights, the Act supports surveillance and spying upon "a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power". 'nuff said.

11/15/2001 The McCain-Feingold Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act was written with the liberals in mind. The law, which took effect after the November 6 elections is preventing the Hawaii Right to Life organization from promoting pro-life candidates (who are usually conservative) in the special elections caused by Representative Patsy Mink being elected after her death. However, the law does allow the Democratic Party to spend soft money supporting their runoff candidate Sen. Mary Landrieu in Louisiana. Landrieu voted for the McCain-Feingold bill, which was supposed to have banned soft money. We all know that soft money is NOT totally banned, especially if a Democrat needs to use it. Landrieu IS using soft money to finance her runoff election! Talk about being a hypocrite! She didn't even respond to press enquiries on whether she would stand by her earlier principles and not use the soft money.

11/14/2002 Another one bites the dust. Mir Aimal Kasi murdered two CIA employees in the headquarters parking lot in Langley, Virginia in 1993. Today he paid for this with his own life. A lot of news media gave comments that this execution could touch off attacks against Americans throughout the world. I believe that not executing him would show that we will not have stood up to prosecute future murders. Kasai said "In Pakistan, a lot of people like me. So I believe there will be big chances for retaliation against Americans there. But personally, I don't encourage anyone to attack Americans." I wouldn't believe his claim that he does not personally promote others to do what he did. Maybe the anti-death penalty protester that carried a sign that said "Life is sacred. Do not kill." Should have told that to Kasi before he committed first-degree murder.

11/12/2002 The radical Islamic movement is even making the Communists mad. The radicals, under the guise of freedom fighters have made a strong foothold in Chechnya and are converting some of the locals and telling them to kill all non-Muslims. Russian president Vladimir Putin did have something to say about it: "If you want to become an Islamic radical and have yourself circumcised, I invite you to come to Moscow. Our nation is multi-confessional, we have experts in the field. I would recommend that he who does the surgery does it so you'll have nothing growing back, afterward." Maybe that is not such a bad idea!

11/07/2002 It is a great feeling to wake up this morning knowing that the Presidency, Senate and House will be under conservative control.

Here is a blatant example of plea bargaining gone way over the line. Symbionese Liberation Army fugitives have pleaded guilty to second degree murder charges in the shotgun murder of a bank customer in 1975. They will get six years with eight years going to Emily Harris Montague who pulled the trigger. Considering that they were all charged with first degree murder and could have received the death penalty for the killing while they were committing a federal crime of bank robbery, these sentences are like a $10 parking ticket. These people planned and blew up police cars, robbed banks and committed many other crimes. They also were fugitives on the run for many years. In fact, one of the murderers, James Kilgore, is still in hiding after all this time. The prosecutors and Judge who accepted this agreement should be put in jail.

11/01/2002 A ton of stuff to post, but no time due to the election coverage.

Only in California, the Left Coast: The Official Sample Ballots have all the people running and their current job description, like "John Doe, business Analyst. Check out the Libertarian entry for Lieutenant Governor: "PAT WRIGHT - Ferret Legalization Coordinator". The weasels are loose!

11/01/2002 John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo have been tied to yet another murder in Baton Rouge, LA (Louisiana, not Los Angeles as some Left Coast liberals in Tinseltown may believe). More and more murders are being added to these guy's resumes. How many more have they committed? It is a shame that they didn't try to escape when they were caught - it would have saved the taxpayers a lot of money for the trials.

Former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno is trying to throw out election laws in order to keep the Florida elections from being looked at too closely. The Democrats did not "learn" about the new rules until it was too late to file the names of poll watchers, while the Republicans did so no time. These rules are over six months old! It seems that the Democrats were concentrating more on spreading lies about conservatives than keeping abreast of the rules that they helped make. This is just another example of the liberals ignoring the rules because they perceive them to be "unfair". The Democratic Party Machine does not think any laws apply to them!

The real reason Reno wants the Republican poll watchers kept out of the polling places is because there is a whole lot of cheating going on!

Even the wacko environmental socialists have admitted that no treaty can prevent "global warming". Maybe that is because global warming cannot be proven to even exist! It is all about politics so the United States can be extorted into handing out more money.

Visit and see how the liberal socialists are bending and outright inventing nonexistent problems in the name of science to further their political agenda.

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