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Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2000 12:02 PM


Subject: Watch Debate and Vote Online

Dear Fred Hoot,

The first presidential debate of Election 2000 will be held tonight and will be televised on the ABC, CBS, Fox and CNN networks at 9 pm EST (check the local time in your region).

Given the "leanings" of the members of the media, already we are seeing efforts to down play Al Gore's killer debate tactics so as to lower expectations for his performance.

Moreover, we are hearing that many liberal left wing groups will be trying to stack the vote in favor of the Democratic candidate by bombarding the various news websites which will be polling immediately following the debate.

In addition to watching the debate, you should log on to:

or alternatively go online at:

and express your support for who you think won the debate!

The Democrats and their left wing allies are very good at organizing such guerilla efforts. We are alerting you to give you the opportunity as an individual to be heard as loudly as these liberal special interest groups.

Please log on tonight: Vote after the debate and make your voice heard!


Jim Nicholson


Republican National Committee

P.S. If you have not encouraged a fellow Republican to sign up at, please do so today. We are in the home stretch and expect to face a number of vicious opposition rumors as Election Day nears. By signing up for the GOP's central communications web line, we can link millions of concerned Republicans instantaneously to defeat the coming onslaught of Democratic cyber terror tactics.


As you know, the coming election is projected to be the closest race in 40 years, and the future of our great country literally hangs in the balance. That's why your Republican friend has signed up at:

Please take a few seconds to sign-up at Once you've registered as an eChampion, you will receive fact-filled e-mails twice a week on the upcoming election, the Republican Party's stand on issues, etc. Your role as a Republican eChampion is to send these e-mails on to AS MANY friends, neighbors and family members as possible, and invite them to register as eChampions themselves at:

Your friend has signed up to be an eChampion, and I urge you to sign up also! Just go to Together, with thousands of dedicated Republican e-Champions across America, we can literally make history on November 7th!!



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