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Sent: Sunday, October 08, 2000 1:51 AM


Subject: Media Assails Al "Pinocchio" Gore

Dear Fred Hoot,

Congratulations! We made a dramatic impact on CNN's on-line polling during the first presidential debate: George W. Bush crushed Al Gore, winning with an overwhelming margin, 64% to 36%! It shows your vote matters!

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Please read the following stories on Al Gore's turn to out-right fabrication -- he really will say and do anything for political gain. Even the liberal New York Times and Washington Post are growing to distrust Gore...(read on.)

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If Bill Clinton is a fan of the Big Mac, Al Gore's choice is most definitely the Whopper. Gore is again on the defensive over his false claims - this time about a disaster relief trip to Texas that never happened, a Florida school's problems with overcrowding, his comments about Governor Bush's experience, and other topics. But the King Whopper of all may have been the fib the Vice President told about the Bush tax relief plan:

THE WHOPPER SUPREME. . . At several points in the debate, Gore looked a national TV audience squarely in the eye and uttered a blatant falsehood about the Bush tax relief plan: "Under Governor Bush's tax cut proposal, he would spend more money on tax cuts for the wealthiest one percent than all of the new spending that he proposes for education, health care, prescription drugs and national defense, all combined."

. .AND THE SECRET SAUCE. But according to the Washington Post and others, Gore "inflated" the size of the Bush tax cut. (Washington Post, October 4, 2000) Governor Bush sets aside almost twice as much for new spending for prescription drugs, education and defense ($270 billion over 10 years) as he does for reducing the top tax rate to 33 percent ($149 billion over 10 years).

MYSTERY MEAT. Governor Bush offers a U.S.-certified Grade-A tax cut, while Al Gore is just serving up mystery meat: "If mom and dad in a $78,000, two-kid household both work and put the kids in day care, the Gore plan gives them a break - but if mom stays home with the kids, forget it. Bush's plan covers everyone; Gore's covers only 'the right people.'" (Michael Kelly, Washington Post, 10/05/00)

Americans want a president who will tell the truth - not a politician who will say anything to get elected.

Excerpted From New York Times (R. Berke's Memo, 10/6/00):

"For years, his political opponents have groused that Vice President Al Gore has trouble with facts. They pounced on statements he made about his service in Vietnam, about his record in Congress and even about the price he has to pay for his dog's arthritis medicine.

On Tuesday, they got even more ammunition: Several of Mr. Gore's comments in his debate with Gov. George W. Bush set off a fresh outcry over what even some of his supporters acknowledge is a tendency to embellish anecdotes about his roles in events....

While many politicians are prone to spice up a story here and there, Republicans and Democrats say Mr. Gore's shading of the truth has become so frequent that some politicians are no longer dismissing it as sloppy oratory from a candidate under the glare of television cameras.

Mr. Gore's most recent troubles began with the first question of the debate. The moderator, Jim Lehrer of PBS, noted that Mr. Gore had once questioned whether his opponent had the experience to be president and asked him what he meant. Mr. Gore denied that he had ever raised questions about Mr. Bush's qualifications for the presidency. The truth is, he had. In a speech to the American Society of Newspaper Editors in April, Mr. Gore cited Mr. Bush's call for a tax cut and posed this question: "Does he have the experience to be president?"

Then there was Mr. Gore's story of a 15-year-old girl in Sarasota, Fla., who he said is such a victim of school crowding that she has to stand in class. The fact is, the girl has a desk, and went without one for only a day. At another point, Mr. Gore said he had traveled with James Lee Witt, the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to inspect fire and flooding damage in Texas in June 1998. In fact, Mr. Gore went to Texas, but not with Mr. Witt.

At another point, Mr. Gore said he "took a risk" in asking the former Prime Minister of Russia, Viktor S. Chernomyrdin, to become personally involved in negotiating an end to the conflict in Kosovo. In fact, President Boris Yeltsin of Russia had two weeks early designated Mr. Chernomyrdin as a special envoy to the Balkans and the diplomatic mission that Mr. Gore described had been initiated by other top officials in Russia, Europe and the United States.

People who know Mr. Gore have suggested that he was reared in a political family where embellishments were part of life. And Mr. Gore spent his childhood in a way that was intended for use in a press release. His mother, Pauline, used to tell reporters that she would have dinner with her son no matter what else was going on. "Nothing lonelier than a meal eaten alone," she would say. The truth is Mr. Gore was alone a lot.

Whatever the reason, the vice president's tangled recollections have begun to draw attention because there are so many examples. Another reason is that they are curiously at odds with his reputation - and the image he is trying to project - as a politician of great intelligence who is a stickler for the facts.

Dems are Worried... Several prominent Democrats said privately that they were worried that Mr. Gore was giving ammunition to his opponents. Indeed, Mr. Bush and the Republicans have gleefully seized on Mr. Gore's statements...."

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Jim Nicholson


Republican National Committee


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