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Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2001 1:34 AM


Subject: eChampions

Dear Friends,

President Bush kept his promise to Americans by proposing a

common sense plan that provides tax relief for all

hardworking taxpayers. The principles of the President's

plan are clear: Over-charged taxpayers deserve some of

their own money back. The tax system is unfair, especially

for those struggling to make it into the middle class.

Hardworking parents should be able to keep more of their

own money to provide for their families. Small businesses

must have a better chance to grow and to hire. Our economy

will be strengthened by lightening the tax burden on the

American taxpayers who have the highest tax burden since

World War II.

Under President Bush's plan the average family of four will

receive a $1600 tax refund, and all taxpayers will get

relief -- with those at the lowest end of the economic

spectrum getting the largest percentage of relief. No

taxpayer will pay more than one-third of his or her income

to the federal government in income taxes. The President's

plan will:

* Simplify the tax code by reducing today's five brackets

to four: 10%, 15%, 25%, and 33%;

* Double the child tax credit from $500 to $1000 per


* End the death tax;

* Reduce the marriage penalty which costs the average

working couple $1400 a year just for being married; and

* Expand tax incentives for charitable giving.

This is a mainstream, common sense plan, but some big

spending Democrats want to keep more and more of the

surplus -- your tax over-payments -- here in Washington for

them to spend instead of sending some of it back. The

surplus has grown by an astonishing 23 percent since last

summer to a staggering $5.6 trillion -- yet some liberal

Democrat leaders in Congress still resist real tax relief.

As history shows, if the surplus is kept in Washington, the

politicians and the bureaucrats will spend it. That is why

it is important that your Senators and Congressmen hear

from you in support of the President's tax relief plan.

President Bush knows how badly Americans need tax relief

now, just as Americans did 40 years ago when a Democrat

president faced a similar situation. President Bush

recently explained, "Over the past six years, the federal

share of our GDP has risen from 18 percent to 21 percent --

about as much as our government took during World War II.

President John Kennedy faced a similar situation in the

1960s. He warned then against storing up dollars in

Washington by taking away more than the government needed

to pay its necessary expenses. High tax rates --, he said

and I quote -- 'are no longer necessary. They are, in

fact, harmful. These high tax rates do not leave enough

money in private hands to keep this country's economy

growing and healthy.' Forty years later, our Treasury is

full and our people are over-charged. Returning some of

their money is right, and it is urgent."

Some Democrats are responding to the call. Georgia Senate

Democrat Zell Miller agrees and has endorsed President

Bush's bipartisan plan, "Right now, our taxes have never

been higher. Right now, our surplus has never been

greater. To me it's just plain common sense that you deal

with the first by using the second. . . . This plan would

make our tax code more progressive by cutting federal

income taxes for people all across the income spectrum.

And the largest percentage cuts would go to those Americans

who earn the least. Under this proposal, six million more

families will no longer pay any federal income taxes at

all. That's one out of five families with children."

Make sure your member of Congress and your Senators hear

from you. Write them, call them, e-mail them or visit with

them this week while Congress is home on recess.

To reach your Senators go to: to find

the contact information for the Senators from your state.

To reach your member of the House of Representatives go to: to find the contact information for

your member

Thank you.


Jack Oliver

Deputy Chairman,

Republican National Committee

(Please forward this message to friends, family and co-

workers and ask them to show their support for President

Bush's tax plan by asking their U.S. Senators and their

member of Congress to support the plan.)


Paid for by the Republican National Committee.

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