Computer Solutions

Exchange 5.5

Exchange Recovery

Internet Information Server (IIS)

Bug in IIS 5 to renew Verisign Certificate


Sony VAIO Boot Loop Fix

McAfee AntiVirus

Slow Boot or Hangs After Installation

Manual Removal of the W32/Badtrans@MM Virus

Motherboards and Processors

Office 2000

Optimizer Problems


Oracle Client

Cannot find F45RUN.EXE error


Check Names is Slow

Mprexe Error in Outlook or Exchange
Limiting size of downloaded mail when away from the office

Outlook Web Access

Your current password is about to expire in 0 days.

PC Master Data Center

PC Master Data Center Errors (PCMW)

11099 Error in DLL

Security Links

Gibson Research Corporation

SANS Institute Online
Insecure Org Tools Security News Portal
Ask Bub! L0pht
eEye Digital Security SonicWall Firewalls
Cisco Password Recovery Cricket Home
SecurityFocus Tracecert
CIAC Internet Hoaxes


McAfee SuperDat File

Nimda Virus Info

Windows 2000 Advanced Server

Windows 2000

Systems hangs when using (AGP) program with an AMD Athlon processor

W2K post SP2 patches w/qchain Only 1 restart needed to install all patches. (28.6MB zip file)

Windows 98

Recover or refresh a Win98 installation Overwrite Win98 without losing your registry and installed programs and settings.
Windows 98 OSR2 OEM Install Instructions to allow you to install on a system containing Win95 or a previous version of Win98.
No Windows Login
An exception 0E has occurred at 00XX:XXXXXXXX in VxD IFSMGR

Windows NT Server

NT 4 Post SP6a Security Rollup Package

NT 4 Post SP6a patches w/qchain Only 1 restart needed to install all patches. (19.6MB zip file)